Wordpress Themes for Photographers: Lighting Essentials Web Sites for Photographers and Designers
Finally a different approach to websites. Using the power of WordPress Lighting Essentials has created a new and more photographer friendly website. And the ability to keep that site fresh and dynamic is a huge plus in the world of search engines and the new reality of marketing. More Website than a Blog, Lighting Essentials Sites deliver an easy to use and easy to manage online presence for photographers and designers. Visit our NEW WordPress Themes for Photographers site for more information.

Photographers don't want to write everyday like a blog, but they still need to get found on search engines. And we know that search engines and social networks will be the marketing medium of the future. Lighting Essentials presents a line of websites for photographers that look like websites, but work like blogs. Presentation is everything.

Antique White

A light colored background with a "New Work" portfolio on the front and posts as projects. Features sidebars on interior pages. Easy to turn dark or any color you want. Very simple design and perfect for the photographer who is really dialed into social media marketing.

Black Portrait

A dark colored background with posts as projects. Simple 5 image New Work on the front of the site. Easy to rework as a light colored theme in the CSS. Great for photographers who want to have more projects on their sites.


Template 3

8 New Work images on the home page presentation. One project post on home page. No sidebars.

A simple theme for photographers who may only want to have a few Project posts. Simplicity in design and presentation, the them is quite easily changed to lighter or colored themes.


New Business

A rich template with New Work presentation on home page and three projects as posts.

Got a lot to show? This may be the one to look at. Simplicity in design and ready for your signature style. Easily customised to a light colored site as well.

Anna Maria

Our newest theme comes online next week. Click the thumbnail above for a look at the three page style.

Photography first. Images are large, with little going on as far as text. Links to project posts are textual and the site can be modified to be very dark or even black easily. That is the beauty of our WordPress themes for photographers.

We feature a free portfolio with spaces for 60 images. Manage your portfolio easily through FTP. We recommend the wonderful tools from SlideShowPro.net. If you use Lightroom, use their Lightroom Module. If you are not using Lightroom, you will need their SlideShowPro for Flash and Director to Manage your galleries. Either way, your website will be professional and clean and very easy to manage. Remember, we ship with a nice gallery, the SlideShowPro tools are an option. We love their stuff.