Welcome to April at Lighting Essentials
March was a tough month for us as we moved the site from a traditional web site to a WordPress backend. We are starting to feel pretty good about it. It meant a loss of visitors for a few days and we lost our statistics for 4 days, but it is obvious we have reached well over 100,000 page views (we use Google Analytics) and the chart points to more growth.

Because of the way we entered the info, some of the new items for March ended up in the legacy area far before they should have. But our focus was getting the content on the pages and we just put our heads down and got it done. Here is a roundup of the fun stuff we did in March.

Josh Targownik was one of our first guest writers. His interesting and effective way of shooting Jewelry can be found here. Josh’s studio is in LA.

Here is a tutorial on using gold reflectors. Lots of images and some differing techniques.
Using Gold Reflectors for Effect

Beating the Sun with a Small Flash in a Miami, Arizona Alley was a well received article. There is a diagram there as well as several tips on using small strobes on location.

Adding a feature with a cute girl in a bikini is always a good idea to drive traffic. Anyway, this tutorial of shooting Briana in the surf combines cute girl with real information.

Here is a workshop on one light portraiture with two ways of shooting to get very different results.

Our Four Part “Two Light Workshop” starts here.

Lighting Essentials Magazine

Information for today’s photographer. From novice to pro, LE Magazine has it all.

Lighting Essentials Magazine Lighting Essentials Magazine

Over at the Lighting Essentials Magazine:

Ever thought about hiring a model at one of the online agencies? Read this first.

Marc Jacobs launched a terrific campaign featuring two very good natured tennis players. Take a look here.

In the Inspiration area, there are some wonderful places to view exceptional photography.

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