8 Essential Sites for Emerging Professional Photographers

A recent posting elsewhere with “5 Essential Photography sites” or whatever, didn’t sit well with me. I don’t consider a vendor an essential. My vendor may be essential to me, but they are not essential to you. I found the list rather dreadfully full of vendors.

So I decided to do my own list of sites I consider to be the most useful for photographers, from beginners to emerging professionals. This list is by no means complete, and it does not reflect any vendor/affiliate relationships. Some you probably know about, and some may be new to you. My criteria is that the site actually add something to my knowledge and experience as a photographer. Buying stuff is just buying stuff… We may have some posts on that during the year, but I leave it to other sites to talk that much about gear (unless I get really excited about it… stay tuned).

These are NOT in any particular order:

1. Heather Morton’s Blog (Heather Morton Art Buyer)
Her extensive insights into the real world of advertising art buying should be a beacon for all photographers working commercially. And the “Day in the Life” series following two emerging photographers is excellent.

2. A Photo Editor (Rob Haggard: A Photo Editor)
Rob takes a look at the professional photography world through the eyes of a former photography editor at several well known magazines. Opinionated, passionate and connected, his daily posts will entertain and make you think about photography.

3. DP Review (DPReview.com)
Thinking about buying that new wizbang camera? Check DP Review for full coverage of every whistle and bell and dinglyshinyreallycoolmegapixel stuff you want to know before purchasing.

4. Scott Kelby’s Blog (Photoshop Insider)
Photoshop and Lightroom are staple photographic gear. We all need to know the stuff we work with inside and out. A check at Scott’s blog will lead you to things that you may want to do with your images, or not. No problem, but the info is tight and well presented and solid, and the knowledge will lead you to new discoveries with the program.

5. Zack Arias’s Blog (zarias.com)
A genuinely nice man, and an emerging photographer in the Atlanta music scene, Zack gives insights to shooting experience, working with clients, keeping the creative fires going and essentially having fun with photography.

6. Chase Jarvis’ Blog (chasejarvisblog)
Chase is a consummate, and articulate photographer who’s enthusiasm cannot help but rub off on you. His blog runs from personal insight to business trends.

7. Andrew Hetherington (What’s the Jackanory)
A busy editorial based in New York, Andrew takes us with him as he shoots for magazines and celebrities all over the globe. The background info on working with editors, clients and subjects is an amazing look ‘behind the curtain’ so to speak.

8. Nick Onken (Nick Onken’s Shoptalk)
I love Nick’s work, and his shoptalk blog is very well done. He presents a professional photographers view of the business, the gear and the excitement of working with great clients and subjects. Enthusiasim… Nick has it in spades.

There are other great sites out there for beginners, intermediates and hobbyist photographers. I will get that list together as well, but this list is for the semi-pro photographer, or someone working at the entry levels of this business. Hope you enjoy the work these folks put in to delivering content we can really use.

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See you tomorrow for a years end rant.

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    • :-)

  1. Well done!! Learned of & added 4. Thank you. And I agree with Martin :)

  2. Heh….. Already tracking all but three of them…..

    • Good. Then the additional three was hopefully worth the read. :-)

  3. I enjoy watching peoples blogs who are in commercial jobs, my three favourites to watch are :

    Danny North – (NME) http://www.dannynorth.co.uk/blog/
    The guy has just exploded, supernova’d to be precise. He is a really nice guy, takes incredible photos and loves his life. Seeing what he gets up to every week is really enjoyable.

    Kevin Mason – (Fashion editorials, SOURCE, Artistic and teaching) http://darkdaze.org
    Always pushing forward with new concepts and ideas, I like how detailed some of his posts go into how him and his team have put together these amazing fashion shoots, with lighting tips and things like that.

    Ashley Maile (Kerrang, AP Magazine) http://www.ashleymaile.com/blog/index.html
    Nothing insightful as such, but an enjoyable read of the monotony of travelling, shooting and working on the worlds busiest Rock Photography Desk.

    • Thanks for some great tips, Avanglist. I will be checking them out as well.

  4. No strobist? No McNally? wow

    • Only had room for 8. It may not be the list YOU would write, but it is MY top 8… which of course is the point of the article. McNalley is one of my all time favorite photographers, and his blog is fine. David’s site is also a wonderful blog and helps beginning photographers break free from the constraints of the camera flash. My list is based on personal criteria for the Emerging (already or going pro) photographer, and no slight of any other blog like Seshu’s, Tuck’s, and Shade’s who are all friends of mine is intended. It is, as I say, MY list. Thanks for visiting.

  5. thank you for such a great post – I will be checking these out! Best wishes for 2010 and I love following you on twitter and reading these posts. Very inspritional and it ignites my passion to explore this world of photography more and more.
    cheers your aussie no1 fan Ems :)


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