Tom Miles, London. An Interview with an Editorial Photographer

An Interview with Tom Miles, Photographer, London on Lighting Essentials, a place for photographers

Tom Miles joins us for an LE Interview that I know you will find fun and inspiring. August is traditionally a slow month for me, but not this one. Big event taking place all month (secret – you’ll have to wait) and it is keeping every spare moment filled. Seriously.

Last weekend was a Seattle Workshop at SPA, and it was really amazing. They have a great studio there and provided models and MUA’s and a terrific stylist and the students were simply on fire. I don’t know what it is about Seattle, but there is some really vibrant photography going on in that town. To all of you who came and worked with the workshop gang, thank you.

We started Friday evening with a 3 hour discussion on the business side of photography, preparing for becoming professional even part time. It was the first time I had presented this talk, and it went really well. I am thinking that I might add a slide show to the presentation. If so, it will be available to all the workshop attendees ever… that is my policy. We don’t do no upsell, kids.

Saturday we were in the studio and worked with 1 and 2 light setups. Cloudiness became less dark in the afternoon so teams went to a small area and made some amazing shots with big lights outside – gotta love those Vagabonds.

Sunday started with rain while we calibrated our speedlights and worked with some modifiers. Blending and beating ambient was academic part and we worked outside to perfect distance/power understanding.

Then the sky cleared, we had sun and headed to the water for a most amazing daylight shoot. Students mixed flash and sunlight and shot natural light and it was amazing. Watch for a Seattle post soon of some of the shots they did. If you may be interested in a workshop this Fall, take a look at for more information.


A wonderful blog post on Microstock by Mark Stout was just sent to me. If you are considering MicroStock, you may want to take a moment to read this well written and researched article.


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I hope to be able to share some wonderful changes with you on the first of September, so stay tuned.

Now on to Tom Miles and a wonderful interview as he answers the (in)famous LE 12…


Grant Lovett: Fashion and Music Photographer in Nashville – an Interview

Grant Lovett: Interview with a Nashville Photographer

Working in Nashville means music, fashion, celebrities and more. And Grant Lovett is in the middle of it. A soft-spoken shooter with a deep portfolio, Grant keeps the bills paid with shoots of musicians and fashion models.

We have an interview with him that you will really enjoy.

A couple of things before we get going on Grant’s interview.

1. We have had some wonderful workshops this year and are set for a great Summer/Fall schedule. Thanks to all of you for a great season so far. Our next workshop is in Missoula, Montana and it will be something to remember. If you are near that area, come on down and rock with the workshop.

2. I am working on a new set of posts on starting out as a professional, or even a pro-am shooter. What to do, how to go about it, some check-lists and a personal assessment of tools and preparedness for the jump. Let me know what you might like to see added to it.

3. I hope all of you are aware of the depth of the site here. Click on the categories above for dozens of articles in the specific category you want. From small speedlight posts to full studio strobes, there is a lot of information for you on Lighting Essentials.

Scenes from a workshop, Lighting Essentials teaches photographers how to light.

Now on to the interview with Grant Lovett, Nashville Photographer.


Interview with Kirk Tuck, Austin Photographer and Writer

Kirk Tuck, Austin Photographer and writer.

This post we get a glimpse into the working world of a commercial photographer. Sometimes referred to as a generalist, a commercial photographer must be able to handle a lot of different idioms when working in a smaller market. Portraits, fashion, still life, food, architecture and the occasional grip-n-grin make up the months of shooting. I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview and thanks to Kirk for making himself available for us to read.

I am just back from an amazing workshop in Akron, which followed a wonderful workshop in Baltimore/Frederick, Maryland. The workshops are getting better and better with the photographers catching fire about 10am on the first day and simply kicking it for the entire weekend. In Akron and Frederick, the sun didn’t set until nearly 8pm… and we were still shooting. There are long days in the summer up there, and we took advantage of every moment. We started at 8am, and finished at dark. And did it again the next day.

Total immersion, my friends. Intense, total immersion.

A few things about upcoming workshops. Looks like we will have to pull the plug on LA. Doesn’t seem like a good market for me, and that’s OK. Lots of stuff already happening there. I love the fact we are going to Omaha and Missoula… places where the larger name shooters rarely visit… and they are cool places, too.

I am working on a post on website design, a big one, as well as a post on equipment and starting out smart. If there are any areas within those topics you would like to have answered, send me an email and I will make sure it is part of the post.

So let’s take a few moments to meet Kirk Tuck. A photographer in Austin, TX.


Interview with Steve Korn, Seattle Photographer

Steve Korn: Seattle Photographer: an Interview

This weekend’s interview is with Steve Korn, a photographer and musician living in Seattle. I think you will find his work and his words interesting. Being a creative person in music and photography can bring a different perspective to things. Steve presents his work in a very direct, exciting and yet somewhat understated way. Nuance and style.

Before we get going, I want to point out some older posts you may find interesting. There was a series on using your small strobes for professional results and a few other posts that may be something to try this weekend. Be sure to hit the Archives button on top… there is a LOT of information here.

Speedlights: Unleash their Creative Power
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And a few recent interviews in case you missed them.
Eduardo Frances: San Salvador
Claire Curran Corbett: Dallas

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Well, let’s head out and meet Steve Korn. We asked him the now famous 12 questions and he responded: