“Connected” – A Travel Photographers Visual Diary of the World and its People

“Connected” – A Travel Photographers Visual Diary of the World and its People

Matt Dutile is a young, emerging, and very talented people photographer who specializes in travel and lifestyle editorial. His newest project is a book of his more enigmatic imagery.

What started as a promotional piece, has grown into a larger, more robust publication of over 80 photographs. I had an opportunity to chat with him recently, and we discussed this new book project, his recent travels, and the many fascinating places he has visited in his quests. Shooting for magazines and clients worldwide, take a few minutes to listen to Matt discuss the world of travel photography, and his favorite subject – the people of the world.

Here is a link to the INDIEGOGO site where you can pick up a copy of this very unique and fascinating book. This is a collectors item, and only a few hundred people will ever have a copy.

See more of Matts work at his website: www.mattdutile.com

Here are the spreads we looked at in the video.

All images below by Matt Dutile, and are protected by copyright.

Madagascar1India2  Madagascar3 Mexico2 Morocco2 Peru1 Sicily2


Two new classes are now enrolling for January:

8 Week Portrait Workshop 102

8 Week Still Life Workshop

More Portraits… I Love Portraits

More Portraits… I Love Portraits

From the current 8 Week Class: Inspired by Skrebneski.

Gettin’ the Adventure Spirit

Gettin’ the Adventure Spirit

Perhaps it is because it is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, or maybe the wanderlust of the highway calling to me, but today’s update is a bunch of cool stuff about adventure photography that makes me want to get out the door, fire up Sarek and “head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure”.

I have said it many times; if I was starting this road of commercial photography again, it would be adventure photography I would be chasing. Perhaps it will be, and perhaps I shall at some point. (Do you get the feeling that there is something in the air saying “reset”… a big change comin’ and perhaps it is indeed a time for a reset.) Who knows… hell, certainly not me.

I am just a writer/photographer who is wanting to have some fun on these final laps. Get the fuel ready, boys, I want another race.

Michael Clark puts out a quarterly newsletter that is well designed and full of great information for a start up photographer or a seasoned pro. Check his downloadable newsletter out here, and see his work here. Damn.

Paolo Marchesi is a fine adventure shooter as well. This blog post about shooting surfing on Todos Santos, and island off the coast of Mexico is really a great read. Wonderful photos as well. You can see his work here.

Go vertical with Matt and Agnes Hage while they shoot for Outdoor Research. This post talks about their recent shoot on the rock faces of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. See their amazing work here.

Chris Burkard knows photography… and social media. With over a million Instagram followers, there is a sense that a lot of people like adventure photography. Listen to this interview with him on how he does what he does and check out his work here. Tumblr too…

From extreme adventure sports to sublime landscapes, Alex Buisse delivers every time. Check out this blog post on shooting for Red Bull. Then check out his work here.

See ya next time…


Find and Keep Commercial Photography Clients: A Free Training Series.

Find and Keep Commercial Photography Clients: A Free Training Series.

I have finally put the finishing touches on the Training Series I have been working on:

“How To Find and Keep Commercial Photography Clients” has been a long time coming. I have been working on it for about 4 years now. Not the system – I have always used the system – but in the organization of it into a cogent, and easy to follow course for commercial photographers to follow.

One of the most asked questions I get as an educator and a mentor is “where do I find clients for my commercial work?” Without any sort of access to the industry it can be quite complex. The old inroads have changed. Now we have to be more nimble, more innovative, and more organized.

This system does that for/with you.

No Secrets. No Tricks. No Easy Button. No Quick Success. All of that is pure crap – and you KNOW it is.

This is a system that can work for a photographer in almost any area or region. It is methodical and measurable.

The initial training is FREE. No charge. Nada damn penny.

And while a premium will be offered at the end of the training, there is absolutely no selling going on in the video training across the four modules.

This is real, actionable training you can use starting today. You can begin building your system immediately.

Sign up for the training at this page: FindPhotoClientsNOW.com and you will receive the first module link in the email that comes to you immediately. One email per week will follow with a module per week. The fifth email will be a wrap-up with an offer to continue on to the premium part of the training. (Did I mention there is no cost? I did… sorry.)

Even if you do not continue, you will have a good base system that you can TAKE ACTION and find the clients you need – and who need you.

SPECIAL NOTE: THIS TRAINING IS FOR COMMERCIAL/EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, NOT CONSUMER PHOTOGRAPHERS. (If you shoot weddings, babies, seniors etc… this is NOT the system for you.)

So if you are interested in jumpstarting your commercial photography business, or ready to finally formalize a way to find clients for your fledgling business, take a look at the free training and get started today.

How To Find and Keep Commercial Photography Clients is live today (November 2) and the premium class begins December 1. (Enroll before November 15 and save $100 off the class price.) More coming on this special offer.





This is the first workshop I ran early this year. The eight photographers we study are icons in the portraiture world, and I know you will love learning about them. Images above are a random sampling of the students work.

We Will Explore the Work of 8 Major Portrait Photographers

Each assignment features the work of a contemporary or modern photographer and provides the direction for the shooting assignment for that week. We examine the portraiture of Victor Skrebneski, Karsh, Sarah Moon, Peter Lindbergh, Herb Ritts, Dan Winters, Jeanloup Sieff, and William Coupon. Inspiration and insight. An additional bonus photographer was recently added. 

Each shoot has a couple of videos explaining the work of the photographer, and there is an assignment that is reviewed each week. This class will meet on Friday mornings, 9AM Pacific. It is designed for photographers who know how to use their camera, but want to hone their portrait skills.

We begin on November 7, 2015 and are limiting this group to 18 photographers.

Workshop fee has remained at $75, and there are over 80 hours of video reviews of previous classes available for your review.

Interested? See more here.

Here is a link to several pages featuring the student work. Students range from beginning portrait shooters to advanced pros. The mix of styles and levels make the class an excellent experience for all.


I live where Monsoons create havoc a few months out of the year. Mike Olbinski, a photographer here in Phoenix is an amazing storm shooter, and this video he did of this past monsoon season is a killer. His video will keep you riveted to the screen.

Here’s Mike:

“I’ve been chasing the monsoon in Arizona for about 6-7 years now. This summer was different though. Back in late July, I was wondering why it felt like I was out chasing more than ever before. And then I remembered. I had a job last summer. This year I didn’t. I went full-time photography in November of 2014 and haven’t looked back.

I was free to roam and had virtually no limitations. I even had multiple chases where I never actually wend to bed, but instead chased all night. I took the kids to New Mexico at one point early in the season.

Last year I counted roughly 31 total days that I chased a storm during the monsoon. This summer: 48. Yikes.”

Head over to VIMEO for the rest of the story.

And check out his work on his website.