The “Truck Shot”: Simple Moves for a Better Shot

The “Truck Shot”: Simple Moves for a Better Shot

I asked the folks who get my newsletter how they think I shot it. Many folks tried to figure it out, but most had something about a front light… and that was a no go.

I used four lights (2×2) and Photoshop to get the look I wanted. Working it a bit in Photoshop also helped the image look better.

The Truck Shot as we found it:

The Truck Interior with no lights.

The Truck Interior with no lights.

As you can see, the shot is rather dull and lifeless.

The shot with the lighting:

After Lighting and Post Processing

How it was done:

Closest was 4×5 Dan. He was so close I am giving him the prize. Way to go, Dan.

Here is what I ended up with after playing with the file in the video for a few more minutes:

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