Interview with Texas Photographer Jennifer Boomer

Interview with Texas Photographer Jennifer Boomer

I love Jennifer Boomer’s work.

The first time I saw it I spent about an hour looking at all the images and loving the style, the point of view and the wonderful subjects. It was imagery that spoke to me.

I decided to ask Jennifer if she would do a webinar with me and she accepted right away.

We discussed her work and how an editorial and advertising photographer lives is a tiny West Texas town and works with major clients all over the world. Her answers are interesting… and great info for other photographers in similar situations.

But enough of my chatter… pull up a chair, grab a cold beverage and enjoy this interview with Editorial and Advertising Photographer, Jennifer Boomer.

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John Ricard, NYC Music Photographer: Interviewed on Lighting Essentials

John Ricard, NYC Music Photographer
The interview with John Ricard comes after the jump. Click on the “more” link below.

Our next Lighting Essentials LIVE Broadcast, Sunday, Aug 22, 2010. Expanded edition (90 minutes). Here is the pre-show material you may want to read before the show.

Up first is a discussion on blogs for photographers: What is your strategy? Does it make sense for you? To ask questions, you must be logged in. Twitter tags #askwizwow, but they will be out of cue.

My feeling is that a lot of photographers are deeply invested in blogs that may not be the right direction for their business. Deciding a strategy and following through with content that makes the blog relevant to clients is the most important decision any blogger can make. In other words, what is the point of your blog? Get more clients? Teach photography? Write about pictures and cameras? Personal introspection.

We will be discussing this and other challenges of blogging on Sunday evening, 6PM to 6:30PM, Pacific (9 Eastern). Please visit this page Sunday morning for more information. Also, we will announce the winner of our first big Contest here at Lighting Essentials. We will announce right at 6:30PM and will tweet/blog the winner’s name.

After the discussion, we will do some chatting with John Ricard, a music photographer in New York City. Johns work as a professional music photographer takes him from stage-side to big studio shoots. See the interview here, then join us Sunday evening right here for Lighting Essentials LIVE and ask John questions about his photography, and how the NY music scene is for photographers.

I do hope that you visit my LearntoLight page if you are considering a workshop this year. I really do try make the workshops the best you have attended (see the testimonials there), and keep the information relevant to the work you do. We learn by doing at the workshops, so be ready for an intensely exciting weekend with heavy emphasis on making sure you can do this stuff AFTER I leave.

Now – on to the interview with John Ricard.

Interviews on Lighting Essentials: Get to Know These Photographers

I have had the wonderful opportunity to hear from lots of terrific, upbeat and successful photographers at Lighting Essentials. We have posted interviews with many talented people working in this most incredible business. They maybe aren’t the most famous around, but that is our focus. The ‘Big Guns’ are interviewed all over the place. I want to get to know and introduce you all to the talent that it out there in towns like yours, and working in the business that you want to work in. Most recently we featured “Four Photographers on the Trek to the Top” and David Giral.

Yeah, I know – everyone who is anyone works in NY or is so famous that entire terabytes of blogs are devoted to them. Sorry, I don’t buy that. Most of us in this business will never be famous, and most of us don’t care. We want to work for excellent clients and provide excellent work. And enjoy our passion in the places we love.

So we will continue here at Lighting Essentials to bring you the interviews with working, successful and excited photographers from all over the world… even NY, and hope that you learn something from each of them.

Claire Curran Corbett: Dallas
“I definitely enjoy fashion and am motivated by current trends. I spend a lot of time going through foreign publications and online looking for new things… color palates, hair styles, etc. I try and keep my book looking current, and love to test out new lighting ideas to create moods that go with the wardrobe.”

Photograph by Claire Curran Corbett

Ken Easley: Phoenix
“I’ve been interested in photography since I was 10 or 11. My first camera was a brownie starflash, a gift from my aunt. My strongest memories are trying to shoot frogs and waterbugs in Oak Creek Canyon. And my Dad complaining about how much film I was using and how expensive it would be to get it all processed. The next year I got an “Ansco Developing Kit”.”

More Photographers to get to know after the jump.

Meet My Friend, Ken Easley, Photographer, in Phoenix, Arizona

Full disclosure… Ken and I have been friends for about 25 years or so. We have traveled the back roads of the Sierras together and solved the ills of the world over about a hundred lunches. It is fun to present this interview with him for you all.

We met and chatted over lunch at a tiny little restaurant within walking distance of Ken’s studio. The studio, by the way, is located in the very first studio in Arizona, and was a full TV Broadcast studio for decades. From “Wallace and Ladmo” to Ronald Reagan, the studio has seen its share of celebrities, actors and politicians. Today those same floors and walls house Ken’s working commercial studio.

I just finished working on Ken’s new website, and we launched it this week. Ken takes a minimalist approach to many things, as do I, so the site is very open, clean and easy to navigate. Here is a screen shot.
Ken Easley's New Website designed by - well - me.

I brought along my trusty iPhone and did a few clicks, and Ken sent some images from his portfolio to share.

Ken in front of his World Class studio in Phoenix, Arizona

Ken in front of his World Class studio in Phoenix, Arizona

Ken has been shooting a wide variety of work ever since I met him. From landscapes to interiors, food to people, Ken shoots it all. His style also lends itself to a wide variety of applications.

Ken at work in his office which overlooks the studio from the second story.

Ken at work in his office which overlooks the studio from the second story.

Ken shoots just about every format camera there is. “I haven’t pulled the Hasselblad out in a few years,” he said with a smile. But I know he will soon. Ken is itching to do something new and different. He is looking for a challenge, a project to spend some time with. I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Ken's Studio features a totally tech ready conference room

Ken's Studio features a totally tech ready conference room

Recently Ken was invited to submit a print portfolio for a review process. He put together 10 images that showed his style and the breadth of his work. “It was a bit scary at first. I only chose 10 images, made large prints and put them into a very simple presentation box. I kept thinking that I should show more, second guessing myself on the decision to show only 10 pieces.” He smiles when he tells me “it actually worked in my favor. The reviewers had more time to remember each image. I was surprised at how well it was received.”

Ken's new portfolio is garnering a lot of attention in the regional market

Ken's new portfolio is garnering a lot of attention in the regional market

The studio is quite an old structure and has been everything from a TV studio, to offices and at one time held about a dozen radio stations. There are places in the building that don’t really make sense now, but he has had fun hanging art and shooting in some of the passageways.

Ken in the hallway that runs around the top floor of the studio

Ken in the hallway that runs around the top floor of the studio. This is one of Ken's favorite spots.

The studio is a huge room with a 2.5 story ceiling. There are still lighting instruments left on the railings above, and they give the space an amazingly fun feeling. The end of the studio has a second story walkway where clients and guests can stand and look down at the shoot in progress on the studio floor below.

An fantastic studio at First Studios, in Phoenix, Arizona, and it is where Ken Easley works his magic with a camera

The fantastic studio at First Studios, in Phoenix, Arizona, and it is where Ken Easley works his magic with a camera

Lunch at Matt’s Big Breakfast was simply a great time. If you are in the area, you should drop in.

Our Lunch at Matt's Big Breakfast Diner

Our Lunch at Matt's Big Breakfast Diner

If you are considering a workshop, please take a look at the Lighting Essentials Workshop Site at Learn to Light. Now on to the LE Interview with Ken Easley.


An Interview with Daron Shade, Tucson Photographer

An Interview with Daron Shade. Tucson Photographer

Daron Shade is a Tucson, Arizona photographer. We have a great interview here and a few of Daron’s photographs to enjoy.

But first an update on some changes here at Lighting Essentials. For quite a while I have been working to find my voice and deliver the kind of information that is necessary and needed in the field. The workshops have helped me find what people are looking for and make some changes in direction.

There are a lot of beginner sites out there. From just starting out to having fun with lots of lights to learning how to compose better images. There are some really good ones, and there is no need for another one. There are also sites devoted to the high-end photographers… with discussions of $200,000 budgets and how to pack to take 4 assistants and gear to Nepal to make photos for some big time ad agency. Very cool. Fun to read.

But there aren’t very many sites for the emerging photographer. The photographer who has been working at it for a while and is beginning to, or has already started to become a semi-pro or professional. Photographers who work in smaller towns than New York or San Francisco may find discussions on $250,000 budgets for a week of work a little otherworldly. From models to make-up artists to support personnel to art directors, there can be quite a different set of realities when working in smaller markets.

That is where Lighting Essentials is going to try to fit itself in. We want to work with the photographers who are serious about it, but may not be currently working in NY or SF or Miami. There are a hell of a lot of photographers out there in smaller markets. And although it is fun to read about a photographer who travels the world shooting celebrities, or hunkering down in a huge, beautiful studio to make shots of the top models in NY, most photographers will not get to experience that. Not right away, at least.

They have to go from where they are to where they can be. I believe that we limit ourselves more than we are limited by external influences. Hard work, strong vision, diligence and more hard work can go much farther than most people think it can. With the knowledge that can be gained from mentors, competitors, books, websites and more, a photographer from Akron or Boise or any other city can achieve more than they think they can… even without moving to NY.

Lighting Essentials will begin to focus more on providing solid information for the emerging photographer. Of course the site will welcome any and all, but I hope that this little format change can help Lighting Essentials deliver content that is a little different, and more relevant to this important set of photographers.

Let me know what you think as we go along. Please.

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Now, on to Tucson Photographer Daron Shade and his Lighting Essentials Interview.