One Light, and a dash of Photoshop

One Light, and a dash of PhotoshopThis is a fun little project. I shot Briana in the studio and recorded most of it on Video. I took the video, did very little editing and added a soundtrack of me explaining what I was doing. You see all of her posing as well as hearing me giving directions along with the commentary. Video is over 45 minutes and it is a ‘reality’ video, not a polished production. I then included 6 Photoshop movies of some of my favorites from the shoot. I go from mild to wild with some of the techniques.

These shots were all created with one light. We used an umbrella and a 4 foot ‘Strip Light” for the light. We also used lots of Fill Cards. In the video I show some metering techniques that I use to previsualize the light on the model.

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