LINK to Enroll.

We do it together.

Creative Approach
> Storyboard
> Simple Special Effects (Slow Motion, B Roll, etc…)
> Shoot Video to Storyboard
> Assembling Assets: A Roll / B Roll / Audio
> Building Video in iMovie / Premiere / Final Cut Pro / Davinci Resolve
> Titles/Music/Color Grading
> Final Edit for Promo Video: Creating clips for different mediums.

You would need a camera that shoots video (iPhone/P&S/DSLR)
NOTE: THIS IS CHANGED – We WILL be including audio in this as I feel it is absolutely a powerful part of what we are doing. However, it will not require expensive solutions. We will have a list of inexpensive, but good quality, microphones.
Access to iMovie/Premier/Final Cut Pro

Simple, DIY approaches to shooting tools. Tripod is a must. No other shooting gear will be required.

This is not necessarily a promo that features YOU in it – it is a promotional video for your work, business, offering. I don’t want you to think it has to be a ‘celebrity’ promotional video – it is of your work and imagery.

Starting October 2, 2017 / Meetings on Monday Evenings.

Limited enrollment – long webinars expected.

We will use first hand video instruction as well as finding the best of the best online for inspiration and tutelage.

Use the video to promote yourself on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Website and other places.

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