Still Life by Window Light

Tutorial by Heather Gill, Las Vegas

A very simple use of window light to make a softly lit still life


This is using a single light source and in this case, natural light on black. I had planned to use a strobe but when I started to set up for the shot I liked the natural light that was coming from the window so I used it.  Each item was surrounded with a black card, all sides.  I used a tri-fold school poster. I put the item on a black card and there was a black card in front, lower camera right to flag off some of the lighting coming in.  See lighting set up.


Wheat Grass: ISO 100, 70mm, F 9.0, 6 second
Artichoke: ISO 100, 70mm, F 9.0, 4 second

For the post-processing, I changed the color temperature to warm it up just a bit and removed a bit of the yellow in both photographs.

See more of Heather Gill’s work at her website.

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