Just an Idea

Getting some pushback. Maybe need more messaging work.


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  1. Not sure if I should be laughing or not Don, because its too close to the truth :-[]

    • Heh.. I know.

  2. I had to read it twice and I am still not sure if it is for real. On the other hand, in my former main business is was common to make up the CV, so why not for Pro photographers too ? At the end of the day, quality wins. Call me a daydreamer, but I am Swiss, we still believe in quality and profound, verifiable reputation. I am not a Pro Photographer, I am on my way to become a Photographer. Hard word – every days work. And the most benefiting road I ever travelled. Thank you Don for the Tabletop Workshop at Creative Live. I bought that webinar and enjoy every minute of it. It gave me the confidence to set up my own little studio and to play around. It reminds me on my childhood when I collected stuff on my way home from school, when I sat hours in my room and pressed leaves and flowers or watched butterflies emerge from its chrysalis and so on. My camera literally saved my life. After a long time of illness is it now something in my life for what I am burning again. I will probably never become a Pro Photographer, that’s not the point, but I truly found something that enlightened me and makes just plain fun. Thanks to men and women like you is it today possible to learn from the best, even over the pond. Best wishes from Switzerland.

  3. Yes… it is indeed parody.

    Thanks for the very kind words.

    — don