Interview with Texas Photographer Jennifer Boomer

Interview with Texas Photographer Jennifer Boomer

I love Jennifer Boomer’s work.

The first time I saw it I spent about an hour looking at all the images and loving the style, the point of view and the wonderful subjects. It was imagery that spoke to me.

I decided to ask Jennifer if she would do a webinar with me and she accepted right away.

We discussed her work and how an editorial and advertising photographer lives is a tiny West Texas town and works with major clients all over the world. Her answers are interesting… and great info for other photographers in similar situations.

But enough of my chatter… pull up a chair, grab a cold beverage and enjoy this interview with Editorial and Advertising Photographer, Jennifer Boomer.

If you enjoyed Jennifer’s Interview and images, drop her a line or leave a comment here.


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  1. What a great interview! This is why I love this site and the Wizwow. This really inspired us during a down period to see how we can go beyond our small out of the way town and build a business. Thank you Don and Jennifer!

    The lawnmower race images were great to see as well! Fun stuff.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Jennifer. It was engaging and enjoyable, and I even learned something1

  3. Thanks Jennifer your comments on personal work hit home. It was something that I needed to hear.

  4. I’ve listened to this interview twice now…
    the insight into the marketing aspects is wonderful!

    Thanks Jennifer and Don for sharing your time with us!

  5. Thanks for this interview. It was a really great listen. Loved the part about personal work, and how she will use it for marketing. I find myself stuck in “what will I do with these shots?” mode a lot, especially for personal stuff.

  6. Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to talk with Don. Your work has a down home, Americana type feel to it which is nice to see. I look forward to seeing more of your personal projects.

  7. Great interview Jennifer (and great work).
    I loved the line “Who do I want to get my work in front of, and how do I do that”.
    Being a small town guy that has been thinking I would have to move in order to pursue this craft you have given me some hope that maybe I don’t have to.
    Thanks for that.

  8. Jennifer, hank you for your time and insights. I live in a small town so I’m always interested in hearing others in the same situation. Thanks.

  9. Jennifer and Don, this was a spectacular interview and I am loving the work you produce Jennifer! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for what you have in store. Thank you both!

  10. Very interesting and insightful interview. The work is inspiring and the chant was engaging. Thank you very much for sharing.

  11. Thanks so much for that great interview, it was very interesting and lots of great information! Fantastic photographer!