A tunnel, a model, 4 lights and a creative photographer… That’s a great combination.


Ray and Megan often shoot together. Megan is a wonderful photographer as well. They conspired to creates something fun in a tunnel on a Golf Course. 4 speedlights, a DIY beauty dish and some definite creativity created a great little set of images. I was glad I got to tag along and video tape it.

At first we were kidding around about the natural light, but Ray took a few and liked them so he shot some more. We then added 3 strobes in red gels for the tunnel light. We moved them with Megan in position till we got them where we wanted them. (BTW< Megan was freezing but stayed in position while Ray had me move the gel’d lights till he was happy.

We brought in the DIY Beauty dish and ended up feathering it instead of placing it right on her. When we brought it right into her, the light created a definite shadow on the wall. So, as you can see in the movie, we turned it away from her so that it ‘feathered’ the edge so it wouldn’t be so direct. Angling the light to have it fall to the side is what is known as feathering.

The shots have a bit of whimsy and mystery to them. Megan did a great job as a model and Ray’s images are fun and show us something that really doesn’t exist.

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