I first found Scott’s work one day when a P52 member linked his great video on motorcycling, “It’s Better in the Wind”.

Watch it. All with DSLR video.

I became an instant fan. The words I use for Scott’s work are fresh, surprising, intimate and classic. I expected the work to be film, and much of it is, but Scott makes his digital files look more like film than digital.

Scott discusses the making of this short film in the first part of the interview.

I have been told on occasion that my interviews are too long. I think that they are as long as they have to be to cover what we need to cover. This interview is about an hour and 40 minutes cut into two parts for you. I don’t think of that as too long.

I think of that as a long form, detailed look into the work and thought process of a dynamic young photographer. One that you can’t get in a twelve minute discussion or 10 questions answered in text. This is the way I like to meet someone.

Grab a beer… hell, maybe two. And meet Scott Toepfer.

Scott Toepfer Website.

Scott Toepfer Blog

This is Part One: a discussion on Scott’s work, marketing and how he works with clients. It is 40 minutes or so.

This is Part Two: Scott shares some images with us, and we chat about the making of photographs. It is a tiny bit over an hour.

All images copyright Scott Toepfer.

Thanks Scott. I am very happy to have met you. And the beer is on me next time I come through Ventura.

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