I first encountered Jen Bekman’s project the first year it was on. I was knocked out by the level of work and would go and visit the site many times to view the work. Some of it was quite challenging, and I would look at images that were quite out of my ‘zone’ and to see if I could understand them. Others were simply eye candy, fresh and exciting new ways to see. In both cases I found clarity, intrigue and inspiration.

Photography is such a powerful medium, and the more variations we bring into our own senses, the better. I think that the work that is presented at the Hey, Hot Shot shows gives us a wonderful view of artists that would be very difficult to find on our own.

Jen Bekman’s approach of finding new talent, working with new talent, and delivering to our browsers some of the freshest, edgy, exciting work in photography sort of makes her an unsung hero to me.

The Hey, Hot Shot competition is open now, and YOU should be entering your work. The winners get more than just money, although that helps all artists get their work out there, they get their work shown.

More than that even is the satisfaction of putting together some of your best imagery and being proud enough of it to say “Hey, I can be a Hot Shot.” It’s good for the soul. It is great for the self-confidence – whether you win or not, you entered. About a million others didn’t… don’t be in that group.

In addition to the Hey, Hot Shot competition, she is also known for 20×200, a very interesting and delightful way of bringing great art into everyone’s life. (I own at least 5 prints from the 20×200 offerings – including a print by Kate Orne… one of my favorite photographers.) See below for links and competition entry forms.

An interview of Jen Bekman in Fast Company magazine.

Jen shares the entries to Hey, Hot Shot at Flickr.

For those of you in New York, here is her studio. Caution, one of our greatest commercial photographer lives in the building across the street.

Keep up with the Hey, Hot Shot project at the blog.

So. come on Essentials for Photographers readers… put your images together and get over to Hey, Hot Shot and enter. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

From Jen Bekman…

Our photography competition, Hey, Hot Shot, is open and accepting submissions through March 14th, at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Created by Jen Bekman–of 20×200 and Jen Bekman Gallery–it’s a really great platform for photographers at all stages of their careers, with a grand prize that includes $10,000, a solo show at the gallery and two years of gallery representation.

What’s truly unique about the competition is the way all of Jen Bekman Projects work collaboratively with Hey, Hot Shot! to support artists:

  • The $10,000 cash prize has helped past winners pay for studio time, obtain MFAs and start/complete other projects.
  • Exhibits held at the gallery featuring the work of Hot Shots have been covered by the likes of the New Yorker, the New York Times, TIME, the Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel and Le Monde.
  • We’ve discovered quite a number of 20×200 artists through the competition–many of which have gone on to establish careers with this as a launchpad. Some notable Hot Shots and their recent accomplishments: Nina Berman (Spring 2007) and Curtis Mann (Fall 2005) were in the 2010 Whitney Biennial; Jessica Eaton (Second Edition 2009) won the 2011 Flash Forward Bright Spark Award and recently had a solo show at NYC’s Higher Pictures gallery; Colleen Plumb (First Edition 2008) published Animals Are Outside Today this year. We’re extremely(!) proud of that. And that’s just but a few names!
  • Additionally, Hey, Hot Shot! photographers have sold over 23,000 prints on 20×200.com. In fact, the only way for photographers to be considered for participation with the fine art site is by submitting work to the competition.

Hey, Hot Shot!, the premier international photography competition that’s provided incredible opportunities to 140 photographers, is open and accepting submissions through March 14th at 11:59 p.m.

At stake is a grand prize of $10,000, a solo exhibition in an NYC gallery and two years of gallery representation.

One Grand Prize Winner, But Many Will Win Cash, Support and Great Exposure
+Our esteemed panel of industry professionals selects five winners (called Hot Shots) per round of competition. Each Hot Shot earns $500, participation in a group show at an NYC gallery and consideration for the grand prize.
+From all the Hot Shots, one grand prize winner (our Ultra) will earn $10,000, a solo exhibition and two years of gallery representation.

Opportunities for ALL Entrants
+Additionally, there are many opportunities for exposure and promotion for everyone who submits. ALL entrants are considered for participation with 20×200, as entering the competition is the only way for photographers to have their work considered.
+We also feature selected Contenders all throughout the competition on our blog, and share the blog posts on twitter, facebook, tumblr and flickr, where Hey, Hot Shot! has thousands of fans and followers and serves as a leading voice in the dialogue about contemporary photography.

Where to Apply: We only accept submissions online, via https://upload.heyhotshot.com
How to Apply: The guidelines are simple: contenders submit up to five photographs (per entry) from a single body of work, using our online upload tool.
How to Stay in the Know: Join our mailing list.

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