Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

Link to the Class Page.

Stand (even better a stand and a boom)
Umbrella Holder
Umbrella (shoot through and bounce)
Flash (the kind that goes on the camera, but also has the ability to set the power manually)
A trigger set to fire the flash from the camera
Softbox (small or medium – get the best you can afford)
6 sheets of fome core or white cardboard
A 5-in-one or 6-in-one reflector set

Items for the class (note, these are affiliate links).


Flash Units:


Stand Toppers:

Mini Boom:




Extra items to consider:

A “Standbagger” for your gear. I have several for my big stands, but I love my two Standbagger “Grab-N-Go” bags for small flash work. You can see the entire Standbagger line here.

Flashmeter (light meter that can measure ambient light as well as flash).

Gray Cards and Light Balancing Tools:


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