NOTE: These triggers were sent to me to test. My TOS is clear. I do not review items that are not interesting or do not live up to my standards. If I don’t like something, I do no write about it.

I like these triggers.

Commlite is a company based in China, I believe, and they have a pretty cool set of triggers here.

I am using the Commlite G430‘s in my setups for studio lighting now. they have a very small footprint, and I Velcro them to the Profotos. They include the cord and studio strobe plug in the kit of two triggers, and it works great.

Commlite, ComTrig G430. it comes packaged with a Transceiver a Receiver, a speedlight sync cord, and a studio strobe jack.

The units are in pairs for the initial setup. You get a Transceiver and a Receiver. After that you can purchase as many Receiver units as you wish. The unit has no limit on how many receivers it will work with.

The G430’s have 16 channels and 5 groups to allow multiple photographers using the same lights to have access to varying patterns if they wish. It also allows a photographer to have two setups at the ready and simply change the group setting for the second shoot.

Specs from the Commlite Website state:
1. Flash groups control, 3 groups, 7 combinations.
2. Can be used as a camera remote: single/continuous/Bulb, wired or wireless.
3. Wirelessly trigger speedlight strobes and studio strobes
4. Auto-awake for speedlights. (Compatibility includes Nikon SB-600)
5. A Master camera can control multiple cameras.
6. TTL pass-through function. (Doesn’t support TTL function)
7. Compatible with other ‘ComTrigseries triggers to achieve different functions. (e.g. ‘ComTrig H550 )
8. Flash sync speed can be high up to 1/320s (This depends on the camera and flash combinations.)
Radio frequency: 2.4GHZ
Signal type: Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)
Antenna: Built-in PCB Antenna
Control Distance: 150m (subject to environmental limitations)
Channels: 5
Flash groups: 3 groups; 7 different group combinations
Normal triggering sync-speed: 1/320 second
Battery Type: 2 x AAA (2.4V~3.2V)
I got sync speeds of 1/320 with my Canon 60D, and found them very solidly built units. I have not had the opportunity to take them in the field, but in the studio they operated fantastically. The build quality is solid, the options are wide, and the units do what they say they are going to do.
NOTE: I used them with a Canon 430 EX, a Canon 550EZ and a used Sunpack. All flashes operated fine.
A few notes on things I really liked. The threaded knurl for keeping the flash on the shoe is exceptional. When you lock this thing down, it stays where you put it. I like the low, streamline shape as well as the recessed channel settings buttons. Easy to see, they are not easy to accidentally bump and change (which usually leads to much gnashing of teeth and violent howls until the simple mismatch is found.)

ComTrig G430 On/Off switch and Channel Selector.

The On/Off switch is solid and is not so easy as to be moved inadvertently. Depressing the Group button makes the selection fast and easy.

ComTrig G430 Channel switch and jack portals include a separate jack portal for the camera controller.


ComTrig G430 controls are LED lights that leave nothing to doubt. As someone who struggles a bit with tiny type and sliders, seeing the lights lit up on this matte black unit really helps.

I recommend these triggers for anyone who wants to have some flexibility, as well as a very accurate piece of equipment for working with their lights. No matter if you are a speedlight or a studio flash shooter, these triggers seem to be reliable and well built.

The other trigger set was a pair of H550’s

This unit combines all the features of the G430 with Ultra high sync-speed, multiple channels and groups as well as wired and wireless camera/flash remote control.

Additionally these units can be use for flash relay, flash awakening?TTL pass-through in one unit. It utilize the global free FSK 2.4G wireless radio frequency, coming with 16 independent channels, so it can be used in working environment where many photographers are working at the same time.

These units rocked!

They promise a syncspeed of 1/8000, but I didn’t test above 1/6400 with my Profotos. Not because they wouldn’t do it, but because I was a bit pressed for time. I will be back with these triggers shortly, but for now the G430 and H550’s have been safely ensconced in my camera bag. The two models work with each other, and if I need ultra high speed sync, I have it.

The shots at 1/6400 were dead on with no loss of power or shutter interference. The units have to be matched for your camera (via a cable between the unit on top of the camera and the shutter release port on your camera. Then they must ‘learn’ about your camera by having the transceiver hooked up to the camera for a couple of shots. Once the learning process has been completed, you can unhook the shutter release / flash cable and go to making pictures.


From the Commlite Website:
1. Ultra high sync-speed (Up to 1/8000s)
2. Flash groups control, 3 groups, 7 different combinations.
3. Different mode camera remote: single/continuous/Bulb, wired or wireless.
4. Wirelessly trigger flashguns, studio flashes, outdoor flashes.
5. Auto-awake speedlights. (Compatibility includes Nikon SB-600).
6. Flash relay
7. One master camera can control multiple cameras.
8. TTL pass-through function. (Doesn’t support TTL function)
9. Compatible with other ‘ComTrigseries triggers to achieve different functions. (e.g. ‘ComTrig G430 )
10. Flash sync speed up to 1/250s (Subject to different cameras and flashes)
Radio frequency: FSK2.4GHZ
Antenna: Built-in PCB Antenna
Controlling Distance: 150m
Channels: 16
Flash groups: 3 groups, 7 different group combinations
Normal triggering sync-speed: 1/250S
High sync-speed: up to highest shutter speed of camera: 1/8000S
Continuous trigger frequency: >20 frames/S
Battery type: AAA x 2 (2.4V~-3.2V)
As with the G430’s I found these units did just as they claim, and that is refreshing. The same great build quality as the G430’s give the H550’s a nice feel as to weight and substance.
I will be using the Commlite Comtrig units at the upcoming creativeLIVE workshop, and would love it if you turned in. Feel free to ask questions.
Here is their website:
They’re available for sale as of now, but direct from manufacturer for now.
The price for ComTrig H550 is US $50.00. Price for ComTrig G430 is US $59.00.
Commlite ship the products to a worldwide, global market.
They come with a 12 month warranty.
So yes, I recommend them, and think they are very strong competitors in the wireless trigger realm. I am shooting a professional shoot tomorrow and going with these (I have tested the heck out of them). Thanks, Commlite, good product, good build quality, good reliability, good value.
NOTE: I do not think they are available for sale at this moment, but I understand they will be very soon. I will add a link as soon as I see they are online for shopping.


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