TOS and Ethics

This is an important page.

I want you to know why I do this and to be totally transparent.

The purpose of this is the Disclosure of Material Connections and to discuss the material and IP connected to this site.

(This page is intended to meet the requirements of 16 CFR, Part 255 of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”)

TOS: Terms of Service.

Lighting Essentials is an OnLine Journal of the writings and views of Don Giannatti. When we publish the writings of guest authors, it is always noted.

I feel strongly about copyright and the rights of ownership of IP (Intellectual Property) and do not steal, borrow or exploit work that is not mine. I expect that the users of this site will acknowledge my strong, nearly fanatical, belief in not stealing and not steal my work. Ask before you copy it whole. In most cases I am happy to oblige.

I write this blog to discuss Commercial Photography from my perspective and beliefs. I have been a professional photographer for over 35 years, and my knowledge and insights are what brings this site to life. There are various elements to this website, and I control all of them.

When you read this online magazine, you understand that you are reading my opinions and views. You are under no obligation to act in, believe in or do anything with the information contained on these web pages.

The views of any guest authors are strictly their own and do not necessarily reflect my views, opinions or beliefs.

Fair Use:

I will occasionally quote a passage in another blog or publication in order to clarify, discuss, enlighten, or use as a metaphorical punching bag to rip it to shreds. That is fair use, and is upheld as such. I will occasionally show an image or two from a photographers site in order to show the power, grace, beauty and depth of the image. I do this to enlighten and inspire the readers of this publication. I do not show images, screen captures or graphics with any desire to criticize them. It is not my job.

In other words, I do not do any negative critiques on this blog. While I may attack an idea, I will never attack an image.

That simply is not what I do, and I am not interested in that whole genre.

If I show something on this site, it is something I like, believe in, support or otherwise endorse.


I derive income from the ads you see around you. If that is shocking to you, you should probably put the mouse down and never come back to the computer… ever. Seek help, and stop the voices in your head from communicating with the black helicopters that are penetrating the walls of your mom’s basement with mind-altering rays.

I have Google AdSense running on the right side of the blog posts and a single Google AdSense ad at the bottom of the individual posts.

The ads are pulled from Google’s warehouse and I am not directly involved with their distribution.

The other ways I derive income is from affiliate marketing. That means those little banners on the side of the pages that link you to Themeforest or Elegant Themes take with the link a small bit of code that will compensate me if you purchase anything at their stores.

The Amazon Books Links are also affiliate marketing. I am hoping to make about $400 Million on them, so every sale adds up.

They pay me, you don’t pay me. The small fee I collect does not come out of your side of the transaction, it comes out of the sellers. When you purchase something through those links, it puts a bit of money into my pocket at NO expense to you. If that makes you uncomfortable, then do not click on any banners or ads you see on this site.

And enroll in a community college course on economics when you get a chance. Cool?

Books, Workshops, Speaking Engagements:

I teach workshops. I derive income from the workshops. I occasionally speak and do webinars on the subjects of photography, design and social media. Unless otherwise stated, it is to be assumed that I am deriving income from any meeting, workshop, speaking engagement or social event that I discuss on this site. If I am not deriving income from it, I will let you know that in any and all mentions of the event by me.


I review books, lighting gear, DVD’s and other materials on this site.

Here is the deal I have with those who send me stuff to review: If I do not like it, I simply do not review it. I am not doing any negative reviews on this website. Yeah, I know, everyone loves the bashing and the thrashing… but not me.

Gear and goods that are sent to me are tested and used  by me and if they are something I do not enjoy working with or would endorse, they are not written about here. This is MY policy. Stuff that doesn’t meet my criteria could easily meet yours. I don’t want to tell anyone that something is bad, when it is obviously working for them.

And when I tell you I like it, you take that endorsement at face value. I. Like. It.

You may not. Neither of us is wrong as I am not telling you that YOU will like it, I am telling you that I do, and this is why, and where you can get it.

Manufacturers and Reps:

You have seen my statements above. If you would like to send me something to review, please feel free to do so. If I like it and will use it and feel strongly about it as being something I recommend, I will write about it. If I do not, your product will not be mentioned on the site.

If any of you have any questions regarding the ethics, TOS, or review policies of this site, send me an email below.

Thanks so much for being part of the Lighting Essentials family.

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