44 Very Cool Images from the LE Flickr Pool

44 Very Cool Images from the Lighting Essentials Flickr Pool

We have been focusing on some business things for the last couple of posts. I wanted to take this opportunity to pull some more images from the Lighting Essentials Pool at Flickr and recognize some wonderful work.

We aren’t the biggest Flickr Forum, and we aren’t the most famous. But we have a hell of a pool of photographers who recognize some of the subtleties of light and composition and gesture. As always, please click on the image to be taken to the photographer’s Flickr page to see more. This is a collection of images that I want to share, but all of the images deserve a viewing. Visit the forum for a real visual treat.

Workshop Information:
We have completed the first half of the year. And we have been to some great places that I have always loved visiting, and also been to some places where I have never been before. It is simply amazing to me that I have met so many incredible people who want to learn to do what they do a bit better. We have had beginners take a huge step forward and professional shooters discover new directions and style. From coast to coast, it has been my pleasure to meet and work with talented photographers and models and assistants, and have a lot of fun.

The workshops are not like most. I do not have a long Bio section where I drone on about all the cool stuff I do. That’s all a waste, you know. People come to the workshop to learn lighting, not hear a bunch of self serving crap. I don’t sell anything at the workshops… DVD’s are given freely, as well as a workbook that gets updated as we go along. I rarely shoot on these workshops, preferring the students maximize the time and get the images they want. And we rarely finish until well after dark. Sometimes staying up until wee hours discussing photography and Photoshop and models and business. For two days. It is an intense workshop, and it will most definitely make you a better photographer. At my workshop, photographers are involved for the entire time. Doing, learning, doing, discussing, doing, thinking and doing. I think you see a trend there. I call it a hands-on workshop for a reason.

I have enjoyed writing the business oriented posts, and I will get back to the lighting soon. I am semi-officially going to start consulting with photographers who need to change it up. Not simply a business tune-up, nor am I in the “portfolio review” business, but a comprehensive look at how photographers can develop new strategies in this ever changing environment. From personal growth, and self assigned portfolio work, to social media and creating an identity, we will go through a 2 month process of creating a new ‘brand’ for your work. This is intense, and it will be very demanding on the photographers who take part. It is one on one with some group work at points within the time frame. Photographers must be committed to undertake this, and there will be time considerations that will have to be met.

If you are interested, drop me a note and I will discuss it with you by phone or Skype (send contact information). We will officially announce the consulting on October 1. However, if you are interested in the first small group to go through, it will be August and September. Photographers must have a portfolio, and website as well as agree to commit to the work. In the end you will have a new portfolio, new brand, a list of contacts and a website that will show your work off as well as help you get noticed.

My next post on 10 Things a Photographer’s Website Should Have is coming up Saturday. Enjoy this post of excellent images from the LE Flickr Forum.

Gerber Daisy Back

Only Hard Men Wears CK



Courtney...looking 'smoking'



Jazmin and Mazhar

Diagonal Dynamics





The Pose

Machi **Explored** thanks!


Summer. Sunset. Sweden.





Simple Headshot


The Dance


thread reflections

Alina and Jamiel


Meet Catherine

Jennifer dancing



Aspiring Filmmaker

Jessica H


kid with wings


"This Is My Land"

Model Shoot B&W

My love

Britni Morgan - Model & Actress

Maribel Arana

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  1. Great feature! Choke full of talent :) thanks for sharing them with us Don!

  2. Hi Don,
    I think the “Consulting” idea is fantastic – I want in; the intense-er the better :-) (don’t know if you got my twitter reply from the other day but Im shooting you an email with my skype/contact info)
    -Ed Z

  3. Some great shots in there! I really like them all. And, thanks for picking one of my images for this post. Much appreciated. It put a big smile on my face!

  4. Great shots here, i particularily like the orange dress one, and I also really like that shot by evan romine, he\\\’s one of my contacts on flickr for a reason.

  5. Thank you so much for choosing three of my photos! I have been wishing you featured mine too and you chose three of my photos. Great photos from other photgraphers too! I want to join the consultations too!

    featured: Only Hard Men wears CK, Machi and Meet Catherine

    Thanks Don!!

    • You are welcome, Jun. I am very careful to try to not look at names so as to not allow that to influence. So your images made it on their own merit. And that is pretty cool.

  6. Now that is more inspiring! Thanks!

  7. OMG I’m so honored to have one of mine on here! There are some seriously awesome shots here!!

  8. Proper lighting is very essential for nice photography. The above pictures are awesome..

  9. Thanks so much Don for choosing one of my pictures! All the more humbled to see the fantastic quality of the other 43 images! Hope you make it to Europe soon for a workshop….

  10. Amazing images! After doing very low-light, non-flash myself for so long, I’m only now diving into “flash education”. Way behind all these images, but hope to get the hang of it reading your advice and viewing lots (and lots) of images. Thanks for being so naturally positive, upbeat and encouraging!

  11. WOW…am I honored to have one of my shots featured (1st pic of the Gerber Daisy)…what a chill I got seeing it posted there!

    Thanks so much!


  12. I want to thank you for displaying one of my photos. (needle and thread)
    Once again thanks for the shout out, and enjoy your day.
    Sincerely, Tony Traub

  13. Saweet! I was told my photo was on here :) I’m honored. Thanks wizwow!


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