These are some of the wonderful shots from a while back at Project 52. We are gearing up for another great year of shooting – and remember, you can join anytime. Just start shooting and posting the images for critique. A new site is forthcoming, and more information will be available there: www.Project52.org

PROJECT 52 is a year long assignment/critique that we have been doing and are wrapping up in the final few weeks. We start again in January, but it is important to know that you do not have to “join” nor do you have to be involved from the beginning. Every assignment will have it’s own set of parameters and expectations. Photographers are given 2 weeks to shoot and prepare the image, and we do a live, broadcast critique on Wednesday evenings. The Critiques are fun, tough and a strong learning event for all involved. They are then recorded and placed on the assignment page at www.project52.org.

Our focus is on commercial photography and we cover lighting, composition, shooting to layout, preparing files, marketing, business practices, bidding and more. The assignments cover a wide spectrum of typical commercial photography that most working photographers will face as they build their business. We have had such a wonderful success with this, and several of the people who started with us have gone on to create their businesses… both as part time and full time commercial photographers.

Below are a random set of images from a few different assignments. As usual with these kinds of posts, the images are pulled from Flickr and are linked to the photographers image, and their photo stream. Click and leave a comment if you like their work.

I have put the Q1 Workshop Schedule up for 2012. It is smaller than last year, but it has some different and unique workshops. See Learn to Light for more information. L2L will be changing to a WP site very soon, and the lighting courses will begin.

Photos after the jump.

What is glamour?
Vintage Design Photography

Cookie Originals

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Steve Collins

Celtic Autumn

eyeshadow alternate crop
James Eisele

Project 52: Assignment 41: "The Incredible Sandwich"
Richard Skoon

Kathy Jan

10.25.11 sandwhich-assign.jpg
Eric M

LE52Weeks44 Portrait with 1 Prop

(c) Bret Doss Alice coil CT2
Bret Doss

Hand to Hand
Ivan Sorenson

Meester Steve

Nick G

Ranger 9

LE Project 52: Assignment Forty Six: A "Period" Shoot
Michele (peaches)

Alfred K

Rob D3

 my drink my cigar

Daniel Fenwick


Bicycle shop owner,Easton.PA

Day 625_Up in smoke
Gray Girl

LE52.41 "Sandwich"
Steve Pamp

Gerri Glam Headshot

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