Hectic Weeks, Good Friends, and New Books

Hectic Weeks, Good Friends, and New Books

It has now been a full week since I did the creativeLIVE workshop on introduction to product and still life. It was so long in the making, and then it was there.


The weekend before I left for Seattle, I had a huge list of things that were to be done for the workshop. And I had promised my daughter some daddy time before I left for a week. I was hip deep in three client gigs and my plate was nearly overflowing.

I called each of my clients to let them know where their projects stood, and that I would be pretty much out of pocket for the next week. They were all good with it, and would use the time to continue to gather their stuff together for their sites.

I laid out my weekend to the hour.

I was ready.

Till the FedEx guys showed up holding a package with a note attached:

“Don. This is the final proof for your book. We are behind schedule. We need you to proof it and get it back to us on Monday.”

200+ pages. (It will be out in late September)

Stress level jumped.

Funny thing about plans, they nearly always end up being more on the ethereal side than carved in stone. Needless to say, I was juggling and switching and doubled down like a crazed man for three days.

And yeah, the kid and I had our time too. That’s just as important as emailing all the changes to my editor at noon on Monday.

Promise very little if you cannot deliver.

The crew at creativeLIVE is one of the most professional I have ever worked with. My hat is off to them for making the weekend go so smoothly.