CHESS as a Business Strategy

We read about chess masters. There are movies made about chess and those who play. An esoteric, and definitively challenging game of wits and skill.

Like business.

Your assignment this week comes from a business magazine (Forbes, The Economist, or similar) for an image that will accompany their article on company acquisitions being similar to a game of chess.

The headline is “One Move Ahead May Not Be Enough” and your illustration must use something of the game of chess in it to give the headline some context.

It could be a piece, or a board, or the capture of the King, or a whole lot of other things – right?

How about a giant chessboard with people in business suits as the chess pieces? Or a chessboard with briefcases on the squares? C’mon, there are a lot of ideas when you get into the world of chess.

The image must be in color, and it must be portrait orientation. The client has also mentioned the magazine would not mind a unique post production process if you have one in mind that could boost the illustrative feel of the image.

What ideas does this give you for your shot? Can you see it in your head?

Use your sketch book or journal to put down ideas and suggestive terms to get your creativity in gear.

And try not to lose your rook… just sayin’… 😉

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