Lighting Essentials Web Sites for Photographers and Designers built on the power of WordPress


We build clean and simple websites for photographers and designers who want a solution that isn't flash or some other kind of traffic killers. And we keep the prices low enough for anyone to afford a professionally designed site.

Our features are simple. And Powerful!

  • A Fixed Home Page easily managed from the WordPress platform and dynamic. You control your home page and it is your entrance to the site.
  • We build the "Essentials Sites" on the WordPress Platform. That means you can control the content of your site.
  • We include a free gallery tool that you can use to create a professional looking portfolio. With big images, thumbnails and a cool interface that shows your work off beautifully
  • Customization: Our templates are easily customized by anyone who knows WordPress. Or we can customize them for you as well. It isn't expensive and you can get what you want. You are free to customize, but not to sell or redistribute any site designs taken from our designs.
  • Widgets and Plugins. Some of our sites allow for a lot of custom widgets and some don't. However, all of our sites are ready for the widgets and plugins that work for you: Analytics, SEO, Galleries, and some incredibly powerful tools to help you manage your marketing and site views.
  • Projects: We know lots of photographers don't want to "blog" but do want the ability to create new and exciting content for their website. We use the WordPress Blogging capabilities to allow photographers to creage "Project" pages. (You can use them for whatever you want, Projects is only a suggestion.)
  • Use's wondeful tool to manage your galleries If you are using Lightroom, get the Lightroom tool. If you are not using Lightroom, you will need SlideShowPro for Flash, and SlideShowPro Director. It is quite important to get your license before you get started with your Lighting Essentials site. Or if you have fewer images, we provide a free gallery tool with 60 image slots. (Each gallery tool holds 60 images and you can order your site with one, two, three or more galleries.) You can use nearly any gallery tool with our sites.
  • Add Images to posts and projects or use the NewGen Gallery plugin to add a large number of images. Our sites can also use "Lightbox" to show your images larger when clicked. Simply install the plug-in and you are done.
  • Easy to Use, maintain and develop, the Lighting Essentials "Essentials" sites are a great value starting at $99 total.
  • Hosting: We have hosting plans for $15.95 per month and we will install your "Essentials" website for you. Call Don for information on hosting.