Yeah, it happens.

Once in a while I have to break down to clean the office. I find it is a great way to procrastinate from doing something that is not ready yet. Creative block – no problem… dig through the cabinets. Heh.

This time I found my little box of Polaroids. One of a kind images that have been in there since the 80’s. (No, I never throw photographs away… not in my DNA.)

I had a few different Polaroid cameras, as well as Polaroid backs for my Nikon, Mamiya, and 4×5 cameras.

My favorite film was the Polaroid 55P/N. It delivered a beautiful negative as well as a black and white print that was also super high quality.

And of course I shot a lot of B&W and color Polaroid in the camera backs. Think of it as old-guy chimping.

But one of the cameras I had so much fun with was the “Swinger”. A small, flash built in camera with a plastic lens, this thing would spit out a shot in an instant and develop right in front of your eyes in about a minute.

Colors were all over the place. Sharpness could not be of any interest to you if you shot this camera. It was a mess if you looked at it as a technical issue.

It was amazing for simply making cool images.

I liked pretty much everything about it… the wild and convoluted color, the softness, the patina that rendered differently under different lighting situations… all of it.

I shot a couple thousand of these things, and kept a couple hundred.

It was always fun to shoot the crew and the models while they were getting ready with this thing and then give out the prints. Recently a MUA from back in the day wrote me about how much fun it was discovering those images again. She had kept them for over 30 years… heh. Wow.

Anyway, I thought I would share a random ten images with you. The models are most like grandmothers by now, and the styling is sooo 80’s. I don’t care.

I can remember pushing the button on every one of these images. I remember the moments like they were yesterday.

I am kinda like that about photography.

Which is another reason I loved that little Polaroid.

Instant memories.


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