I like to ‘metaphorically’ be shooting film in my head while holding a digital camera. One of the great things that I loved about film was the fact that different emulsions gave different color palettes.

Kodachrome didn’t look like Ektachrome which didn’t look like Fujichrome which didn’t look like Agfachrome – and on and on.

And then we had the color negative space as well. A very altogether very different color palette than the chromes.

Digital all looks like Ektachrome processed rather badly to me. But we can do so many wonderful things to that digital “negative” or “transparency” that we couldn’t do in real analog days.

So I imagine that I am packing a specific film when I go on a road trip. One that I believe is more appropriate than others for that particular part of the world.

If it is people, I probably will be thinking along the lines of Portra color negative film. Perhaps Agfachrome for its very strong skin tones.

If it is the desert, Fujichrome 100 makes sense. Still life would be Ektachrome 100 and the mountains would have me buying a brick of Fuji Velvia / Fuji 50.

I apply the color base (preset) before doing any work on the image so that the base colors are all in one palette. I can then adjust exposure, burn and dodge and do other work on the image without changing the color palette.

I am a big fan of the RNI products.
(I am not sponsored by RNI)

RNI – Really Nice Images

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