Somewhere, Right Now, at This Moment…

A photographer is preparing to make a photograph that may change someone’s life, forever.

An art director is considering a new photographer for a substantial editorial assignment. He is a little nervous about it, but he also knows that this is the right shooter for this gig… and he reaches for the phone.

A mother glances at a photograph of her now grown son, when he was only 14. It makes her smile, and remember that time when…

A photographer is awaking, ready to embark on the biggest job of his career. Anxiety and excitement fill his thoughts… and he carefully prepares.

There are a large pile of prints strewn around the floor as the photographer begins selecting the images for her first one-artist show.

A photograph is being shown to someone who never thought they could look that way. They can’t wait to share it. The photographer smiles.

A company art department is planning their most ambitious collateral piece ever. The AD is looking through a set of photographers websites links they have saved… it is time to decide.

Somewhere, right now, at this moment…

Someone is writing their two week notice. They have been planning for this for years, and it is time. Trepidation, excitement and fear and wonder all make for a bit of nervousness. But they know they have to do this.

Someone is finding out they don’t have a job starting next Monday. This may be the moment they go ahead and make the jump.

A photographer put the finishing touches on the new portfolio. It will be called in day after tomorrow… but he doesn’t know that now.

A photographer is going through an edit of the best work she has ever done. It all came together on this shoot, and she is absolutely thrilled to be able to show the client.

A photograph is being made of someone who is dying. The image will be a last remembrance of their life for the ones who will miss them. The photographer fights back tears, but works with a smile to make the shot.

A photographer just took a photograph that will change the way thousands, maybe millions of people think about something important.

Somewhere, right now, at this moment…

A photographer is filling out a bid request for an assignment that could change their life.

An editor is preparing to assign a photographer to a project that will result in an image that will shock and surprise everyone.

A photographer sits at a computer carefully retouching a photograph for a new client. It has taken a couple of hours, but it is close to perfection… just one more layer and…

A photographer is smiling as they take their first few rolls of film to the lab in years. It makes them feel nostalgic for a moment.

A photographer is trying to decide between two images to go in their portfolio. They are both good, so it may require a coin toss… or a call to a friend.

A model is being shot for the most important client she has ever shot with. She is very excited about working with the photographer assigned, and he is helping her get a great shot.

A bride has made the decision, and a photographer is about to receive a call.

A photographer is sending a link to his new portfolio to a small list of clients who have asked to see it. He takes a last look and hits “send”.

A client and a photographer are going over last minute travel plans, and finalizing a shot list for a week long shoot. Five months in the planning, the assignment starts tomorrow.

A photographer has reached out for a mentor, and a photographer has responded with guidance and help. It will forever change both of their lives.

A photographer suddenly understands something about her own work. She saw it while shooting today, and it just felt right. A style is evolving.

Somewhere, right now, at this moment…

A young person is picking up a camera for the first time. We don’t know their name… but we will someday.

A hobby is becoming a passion for a photographer. The passion will become their vocation and avocation soon.

A camera is being focused on a subject, and decisions are being quickly made, and the inevitable shutter click will record something we haven’t seen before.

An older person is pulling that old Minolta out of a box and remembering how wonderful making photographs was. It will soon be replaced by a digital, but for now… let’s see how it goes.

A photographer is picking up the mail, and the check he has been waiting for is there. It will be a good summer.

Somewhere, right now, at this moment, something that will happen only once in a lifetime is happening… and a photographer is there to record that instant, that tiny fraction of a moment that a photograph records. It is time frozen, a moment recorded forever, to be held in the time it was made, while the rest of the world grows old.

It is a photograph.

Somewhere, right now, at this moment…

A photographer is making something magical, unique, important, remembered, and special.

That’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

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    • Thanks Craig.

      I have officially removed myself from negativity. These are the days we have, and we must be glad and excited for them as they are.
      Resilience, not resistance, is needed more than ever. Not just by photographers, but everyone.

      So glad you like it.

  1. Hear, hear! As usual, extremely well said!

    • Thanks, Ed.

  2. I genuinely hope you understand how amazing this post is from its actual literary structure to the emotion and story conveyed. It made me cry. I have goosebumps. Thanks for this amazing post.

    • Oh, thank you Trudy.

      I cannot tell you how much that means coming from you.

      I am now officially smiling.


  3. This is so very cool Don…inspiring, awesome.

    • Thanks Mike.

  4. My positive Partner – NO RESISTANCE!!! way to go, you rock the inspiration Don!!

    • Thanks Robin.



  5. Literally the best thing I’ve ever read in my life.

    • Wow.

      Thanks Mike!

  6. Somewhere right now, a photographer is being inspired by a blog post.

    • Thanks Jeremy.
      Very much appreciated.

  7. Inspiring and uplifting! Makes life a bit brighter today. “Discouragement” no longer in our vocabulary.

    Thanks so much Don for taking the time to write this and for all the time you have given us at Project 52 and beyond!!

    • Get rid of “Coulda, Woulda, and Shoulda” too.

      They equally suck.

  8. I had to come back and read this again. thanks for the amazing thought and time you took to write this. Being early in my career, and having finally started to experience a few of the above moments (only after endlessly toiling with my craft, late hours honing my images, countless hours learning how to start a business and marketing myself, wallowing in self-doubt, being discouraged when told “no thanks” etc.), reading this brings me so damn close to tears.

    I will repeat this: Literally the best thing I’ve ever read in my life.

  9. Awesome. Just what I needed to read today.

    • Heading for NY in the early am. I will let you know where I am up there.

      Thanks for the kind words.

      — don

  10. Well said. Great food for thought.

    • Thanks Steve.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  11. Just what the photo doctor ordered. I needed to see this today. Thanks you so much for this.

  12. Thank you so much for this. Just what I needed to read tonight.

  13. Right now, in a small town in Oklahoma, a photographer is remembering how much he still loves doing this, even after a trying day.

    Thanks very much for this post.

  14. Phew! There I was, gently pondering on the day ahead – and suddenly, my ‘contemplations’ have been catapulted to a whole new level. Trouble is, you’ve set my mind whirring now: how the heck am I going to get on with what I have to do with so many thoughts flying around? :-) Brilliant. Fantastic, inspirational article. Big thanks.

  15. Awesome post, Don! I’m going to print this and post it on my wall! :)

  16. Just what the doctor ordered for today – thanks Don!

  17. love it.

  18. I will post this also on my website (linked to your obviously :) )
    I had really apreciate and loved and enjoyed this article.
    Love it