And that’s a fact, Jack!

Over at Project 52 ( we did an assignment on Desserts. The job was to make a dessert shot so inviting that it fairly SCREAMED chocolate (or at least DESSERT).

We had a lot of submissions.

Here are twenty that caught my eye… and believe me, I could have done 3 times 20, there are that many good ones there. Here is the link to the Flickr page where the images are. Take a look at the incredible work that the students are doing.

Let’s take a look:

Michele’s lovely Chocolate Dessert shot!

(Our cover shot is by Bret Doss.)

More after the jump:

Shutternutter’s chocolate gorgeousness!

Project 52: Chocolate - Final
Lola Takes Pictures… of delicious and tasty things.

Dan Fenwick gets us in close and personal.

Doubletime02 has a close encounter with Strawberry Mousse.

Tim Lester Images makes me want to break all diets… NOW.

Joe Foto 77… YUM.

Chocolate - square
Elizabeth Kurtis brings a plate of wonder… I wonder what is in this one and I wonder what is in that one…

Project 52; Chocolate
nickgphoto exalts the chocolate bar to new heights!

cake square 3
Trystam painted with light, then ate with his fingers… heh.

Kindredphotos offers a nice ambiance around that cake.

LIghting Essentials Project 52 Assignment 6 - Chocolate
Vintagedesignsmith adds a bit of old-time patina to her chocolate image.

brownie square
Em thomas photography gives the majestic brownie… looks good enough to eat.

Kathy jan just gets mean… at least to all the chocoholics who are now drooling on their keyboards.

Umm Chocolate!!!
Rasmus Hald uses some soft focus to hone in on the chocolate…

A perfectly cold strawberry with chocolate.

“Hot” chocolate via ericm…

Steve Collins and the absolutely luscious chocolate cake.

2012LE52-6 "Chocolate"
Steve Pamp delivers a very special chocolate to a very special chocolate lover.

Choclate Lovers Delight
CEBImagery added some design to the assignment.

Macfilipe gives us just chocolate… pure and pretty.

Well, that is but a sampling of what the Project 52 folks are up to. Remember that it is free, no ‘signup’ – just come on over to Project 52 and join in the fun. Assignments and critiques every week.

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