I have known Rick for a long, long time. I did not know that he had a blog until this morning.

Funny how stuff like that goes around.

Rick’s blog is full of images and stories and shows a level of creativity that is rare indeed these days.

I will contact Rick for a sit-down interview later this Spring, but for now – take a look at his blog, read about how finding some apple cores leads to a brilliant photograph and take in his tasty lighting.

Rick Gayle Photography

Rick Gayle Photography

Photograph by Rick Gayle

Photograph by Rick Gayle

Photograph by Rick Gayle

Photograph by Rick Gayle

If you are interested in shooting food and still life, Rick provides a ton of wonderful behind the scenes shots, styling tips and lighting info.

Rick Gayle Photography

Posts to jump to immediately:

Summer Still Life

Photography Improv

An Apple a Day

Holiday Pancakes

Rick Gayle Website.

Rick Gayle Blog.

Beautiful work, Rick.

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