At the Project 52 PRO group, there are an astounding group of photographers all helping to boost each other into professionalism. Most of them have gotten a paying gig this year, and we are well on the way to making that happen for all of them.

The point of Project 52 has always been to introduce photographers into the ways and workings of commercial photography. We are not weddings and portrait oriented, although many of our shooters are indeed doing that kind of work.

To me, professionalism is not how much money you make or what kind of camera you shoot, it is an attitude that permeates all that you do. From the care and lighting of a photograph to working with clients to billing and marketing.

And anyone can learn to do that stuff.

The uniqueness of all of us in photography is in the eye/moment connection. What we see and when we decide to snap that shutter.

Below are shots from many of our Project 52 PROs. I hope you enjoy them.

11.24.11 Corning-322-Edit-Edit.jpg
Eric Muerttities

Hurley Stick and Sliotar Ball
Steve Collins

William Cohea

Hiram Chee

Picnic table
Greg Kindred

Fish Pier #?
Alfred Kuypta

Mirtha - Beauty
Ed Yezekian

Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Michelle Drumm

Rob Davidson

San Luis Obispo
Nick Giron

Thomas, WV
Reed Waters

Don Fadel

Pete Hudeck

Steve Pamp

Snifter Vase
Keith Knasiak

Day 184 - My model T - Sunset surprises
Terry Jacobson

CT 1K Space Needle and Sculpture  © 2012  36
Bret Doss

House at Night
Anthony Dunn

Bouncy ball making a big splash
Charles Tibbs

Getting loaded
Ryan McGeehee

Em Thomas

I will be posting some images from the Lighting Essentials group (non-Pro) next week.

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