Today we meet Tucker Joenz, a Project 52 alumni.

“Project 52 challenges… A big challenge for me was getting back to the basics of lighting and learning how to apply that to create commercial images that will really captivate my audience, express the feelings that I’m trying to convey and move my work from just average into something that stands out from the crowd. I see a lot of great work out there and in that, felt another great challenge was to be unique and think outside of the box.

To overcome these challenges I started to experiment with lighting at any chance I could take, and I also noticed how other photographers were lighting. For the first time I was lighting with speed lights in many different ways in this past year and that was something I’ve never done; I learned to develop an appreciation for the versatility that I wasn’t aware of before. I was fortunate enough to attend the Flash Bus Tour and see some of the tricks and secrets used by David Hobby and Joe McNally, and picked up a vital lesson of how to layer lights. From there, I just started to think outside the box, taking each assignment and creating a situation that was out of the norm.

Two ‘take-aways’ from Project 52 I need to continue creating powerful unique images that standout and maintain the study and practice of light techniques.”

[NOTE: Information on the San Diego Workshop is here.]

“My plans moving forward To find my style, mainly in post, and to persevere on getting my work out there. I hope that with lighting, individuality, and a style, individuals will recognize my work and it will lead to a successful career in commercial + music + lifestyle photography.”

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Thanks, Tucker.

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