Kathy Jan found Project 52… and while it was a bit daunting to her at first… she stuck to it, made the assignments – and more usually – and learned a great deal. Her work is now pretty darn fine. I think she has shown tremendous growth. Here is Kathy Jan in her own words.

“I was looking for help with lighting and found Don’s workshop site. Saw the link for Project 52 and jumped in at assignment 11. Those first submissions were………well, less than stellar. But I wanted to learn and improve so I stuck with it. I missed a few assignments, but completed most of them.

The heart and soul of P52 is Don. He’s so gracious and always finds something good to say about everyone’s work. Even when he gives an honest critique that stings a little (or a lot), you know that he he’s giving you something that will make you stretch and grow. And isn’t that the point? I took his workshop in April and my work improved so much after that. If you have a chance to take one of Don’s workshops you should do whatever it takes to get there. It will be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself.

But the big payoff is P52. Going through P52 with consistent commitment will take your work to a higher level than you can ever imagine. Don is truly a gifted teacher. And the community support is phenomenal – it’s the best Flicker group out there.”

More from Kathy Jan after the jump – images too!

“Some of the biggest challenges P52 presented for me:

• Learning to shoot for a layout
• Getting the work done to meet a deadline
• Translating the vision in my head into a finished, polished image

How I overcame those challenges (and still working on it):

• Practice, practice practice
• Start on the assignment sooner and plan for it
• See first bullet above – shoot, shoot and then shoot some more.

Take aways that will stay with me:

• When I thought I had the shot, try another approach, another angle, different lighting – keep working at it.
• Great lighting makes the image. Work to perfect it.
• A supportive community and consistent practice will help you grow more than you’ll ever know. Take the plunge and put yourself out there. Yeah, it’s scary. Do it anyway.
• I love food. I love to eat. And I really like to shoot food. Through P52 I discovered that I’m a food shooter. You can find your niche, style too. Just put your work out there.

P52 is a great way to find your voice.

My Plans Moving Forward:

• Working with Don one on one in January.
• Transforming my portfolio and website
• My first paying assignment in 2012
• Building my business and flying by the seat of my pants – or making work that is meaningful and passionate and makes me jump out of bed every morning looking forward to going to “work””

Kathy Jan | South Florida Food Photographer

Some images from Kathy Jan’s Portfolio:

Thanks for the kind words, Kathy Jan and see you in January at the big LE Meetup and BBQ!

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