Meet Greg Kindred.

“I found project 52 January 3, 2011 as I read about the project I knew immediately that I would participate. As the assignments were given out I was challenged right away with photographing a stranger. Pros shoot strangers every day, but in my experience, the strangers usually come to the photographer, this was the other way for me. I’m not shy, but that assignment really tested my metal. The first month or six weeks I was wondering if the critiques were going to be enough to help me grow as a photographer, then one after another cries for tougher critiques, started appearing in the threads. Don was more than willing, and I gained a wealth of knowledge by tuning in and listening to the feedback on each of the entries.

Working full time and shooting some of the location assignments proved another test. I needed to insert these assignments into an already busy schedule. Not unlike real life. Some weeks I was out of town and had to miss assignments. I wondered if that would hurt my standing in the group, nope, it wasn’t a big deal. The assignments were all over the place— products, people, pets, liquids, even shooting to a layout, and specifics crops on the shot. Have I mentioned I love this project?

The group had all sorts of photographers and they came with all sorts of experience. None of that mattered to Don. We have had shots lit with Profotos and flashlights, from speed lights to desk lamps, whatever folks had on hand that would help them complete the assignment. I gained a big respect for all of those solutions. I’m lucky to have all the gear I need, but to see photographers presenting images lit in ways that never occurred to me was eye opening.

Don also links to other working photographers websites so we are being constantly exposed to different styles world-wide. Seeing the kinds of images that people are making a living with is a real education.”

More from greg and a look at his work after the jump.

“There is no pass or fail, each photographer can push themselves or not, reshoot post critique, or not. I did not create portfolio worthy shots every week, far from it, but I learned something every week. I have made portfolio worthy shots this year, and I look forward to getting them in the hands of potential clients.

I also look forward to participating in 2012. Don promises to up the anti. Let’s get it on.”

Some of Greg’s shots from Project 52.

Greg Kindred
Flickr: kindredphotos
Web site: under construction

Thanks Greg… See you in 2012.

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