Project 52 Photographer: Bret Doss

Project 52 Photographer: Bret Doss

Meet Bret Doss, a Project 52 participant and a friend. I met Bret a while ago when I taught my first workshop in Seattle. He truly loves photography.


“Project 52 presented a unique opportunity: ongoing instruction and critique each week for 52 weeks. An assignment each week, with a specific key-learning in mind. I knew Don from previous workshops, so it was no question to me that this would be valuable and well worth the time and effort.

The main challenge for me was simple to say, and hard to find: time. My biggest obstacle was my own schedule that, regrettably, did not allow me to produce images specifically for each assignment. I nearly opted out of the entire process for that reason.

Fortunately, though, Don and the rest of the Project 52 participants are welcoming and easy going, and though I could not produce work for each assignment, I was able to participate in almost every weekly review/critique session.

Selina Maitreya counsels photographers to schedule at least some time each week for personal/professional growth: that hour each Wednesday evening has been pure gold.”

More from Bret and a look at a few of his images after the jump.

“Over the weeks, in a community of talented and dedicated people, I learned countless things: shooting to a predetermined layout or concept, quoting/negotiating a shoot, different lighting approaches for people vs. products, that portfolio images should inherently demonstrate a solution. I also learned about creative and very effective usage of desk lamps (visit the P52 Flickr site for that one…).

The images here were all shot during the past year, as I was participating in Project 52. Each of them was influenced and enhanced by education, information, critique, and review of imagery produced by all of the Project 52 members.

I plan to continue on with Project 52 in 2012 because, as I said, the time is pure gold.”

Image Credits:
All images © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

“Dyptic” Model/MUA – Amanda Guerricabetia
Fashion Designer Sladjana Jankovic

Random Original Productions Studios

“Red” & “Bending” Model – Lanna Barrones
MUA Melissa Dodd
Random Original Productions Studios

“Black Hat” Model/MUA/Fashion Designer – Camille Goodman

“Over Shoulder” Model – Jaimee Martin
Fashion Designer – Kate Mensah

Thanks, Brett. I look forward to seeing you up in Seattle the first weekend in April. I have something to do there, and you will be helping me out. See you then… and on the boards of P52.

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  1. I would love to participate but I have several obstacles that prevent it. Mainly I travel a lot and never know whereiwill be. Second I have no source for models. And finialy my health acts up from time to time and puts me in the bed for days at end.

    I have a bunch of lighting gear that I know the fundamentals of its use but have very little actual experience with. I have an top notch lighting kit that has four Canon speedlites with ittl pocket wizard radios and modifiers for almost every need. I go through what the pros like Joe McNally, Sly Arena, Kevin Kabuta, Scott Kelby, David Zizer, etc say are needed in a light kit and 99% of it is there. And im working on the rest. Ialsohave a two light Speedotro kit with a medium soft box and more.

    I have Canon “L” lenses, 24-70f2.8L & 70-200f2.8IS for my Canon 40D. Plus mt 300D has a 17-55f2.8IS.

    It would be nice to be able to use this equipment and do something worthwhile plus learnng and gaining experience and confidence.

    I’m off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening.

    • Mickey.

      Participate when you can. You do not HAVE to do any particular assignment.
      When you have time and inclination, jump in.

      As to models; we rarely need models, and when we do, anyone can be a model. Wives, friends, clients, strangers… it is also a great way to meet people.
      We also talk about how to find people to photograph.

      You have more than enough equipment to have a blast at this.
      What if you discovered you love shooting food and still life?
      What if you discovered you love shooting environmental portraits and architecture?

      What if…

      You CAN do this, Mickey.

      But only YOU can make it happen.
      We are very supportive as a group and can help more than you realize.

      — don

  2. Mickey,

    Double Ditto to what Don said. A large percentage (majority, even?) of the assignments do not require models (it just so happens that my work above does, but that is not representative of the overall assignments).

    I also had numerous schedule conflicts, and only actually submitted work for a few of the assignments. But I did participate in almost every single Wednesday session. A hugely valuable hour to me, as I bet it will be for you.

    Dont’ let the “52” worry you. It isn’t really 52 mandatory assignments/deadlines. It is 52 opportunities. You can take as many or as few as you wish, and no one judges you for it. You really have nothing to lose. And I betcha that you will end up making that hour each Wednesday more often than you might expect up front. I know I did.

  3. Thanks, Bret and Wizwow. I will try and see what happens.

  4. Awesome! Will look for you there :-)

  5. Mickey, I feel your pain LOL.
    My business was driving a big rig to and fro. I was always traveling with sporadic bursts of free time.

    I found I did the assignments for me, as much as completing the assignments.

    The process of creativity and problem solving keeps me vibrant.

    Be involved when you can. I look forward to your participation and submissions.

    From one traveler to another.


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