8 Week Mini Project 52 PRO


As soon as I get notified that you have enrolled, I will send you an email with login information, and a lot of information and links for you to get started right away. Please be patient, it may take me a while if I am away from my desk, but everything should happen within hours.

If you sign up and do not hear from me within 6-8 hours, please send me an email at don.giannatti@gmail.com or text me at 602 814 1468.

Thank you.


Have you wanted to take a look at the Project 52 workshop without committing for a year?

Well here is your chance. An 8 Week Project 52 Pro Membership ready for you to get into. And it is the full deal. All of the resources, assignments, reviews, webinars and more are there for you to work with. This is NOT a truncated offer, but a full opportunity for you to take advantage of the most unique photographic workshop on the internet.

Real-world assignments, with art direction, layouts, brand ID info and more. This is shooting just like a commercial photographer in any city shoots. And it is an introduction to a lot of different genres, styles, challenges, and subject matter.

Start the current assignment.
Register for critique webinar.
Be involved with the most amazing community online today.


We currently meet on Saturday mornings, afternoons and a ‘catch-all / makeup’ make up class on Thursday evenings.

Saturday 9 AM Pacific
Saturday 4 PM Pacific
Thursday 6 PM Pacific

Additional webinars (optional) are scheduled throughout the month.

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