I am making my second appearance at creativeLIVE this coming weekend.

And it will prove to be something totally different than what creativeLIVE normally does. We are going to be tackling the still life and product realms.

And I have a few goals and plans for this workshop.

  1. to get people excited about the incredible world of still life and product photography.
  2. to teach well enough that most of you will be able to begin to work on a still life/product component of your current portfolio
  3. to instill confidence that this can be done – without a ton of expensive tools and gear
  4. to show how there are markets for this work… from retail to manufacturing, editorial to advertising… and many of them are in your backyard!
  5. to open your eyes to what can be done in a very small space

And the lighting that I am teaching is what I call “Subject Centric” and can be applied to any subject.  Whether still life or fashion, there are consistencies in the lighting and work – and that means EVERYONE can learn something from doing still life and product

And it can be quite lucrative.

There are, at last count, about 12.5 Gazillion people and landscape shooters out there.

That number comes way down when we get to product and still life. And that is a good thing.

A good people shooter can add to their bottom line with the addition of well done product and still life. In fact, a really good product and still life portfolio can bring in some very nice ongoing clients.

Some folks say it ain’t sexy enough for them… fugedaboudit… it is plenty sexy

Just watch this weekend, and see if you don’t agree.

creativeLIVE is the place. Check out this page for more information.

Here are a few shots from my Project 52 shooters… enjoy!
Daniel Fenwick

Michele Drumm

Hot Peppers
Pete Hudeck

Rob Davidson

Kathy Jan

Ryan McGehee

red hot
Em Thomas

Greg Kindred

Greg Kindred

Maciej Blaszczuk

Maciej Blaszczuk

Happy Frog
Steven Collins

Kathy Jan

Bottle 2
Greg Pastuzyn

Dan Fenwick

Tools of the trade
Ryan McGeehee

salsa lemon_tomato-Edit.jpg
Charles Tibbs

I do hope you like these images and that they give you some insight into what we are going to be doing in the workshop.

Some people say shooting still life and product isn’t sexy… bullshit. Try it… spend a couple of hours with an inanimate object and some lights. Create highlights and shadows, show off the texture, or mute it if you wish.

I think you will enjoy making the images. I know you will enjoy the hard work that goes into making them.

See you at creativeLIVE.com/live starting June 21… and continuing on all weekend.

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