Playin’ in the Studio When it is 115 Degrees Outside.

Playin’ in the Studio When it is 115 Degrees Outside.
I wanted to do some playing around with hot lights and chose my Lowell Omni and a Home Depot work light. I kept them without modification (no umbrellas or softboxes.) Hard light is tricky, but it can really keep you on your toes when you are looking at the light and how it falls on your subject. No recycle time, and subtle qualities that illuminate and add texture are also fun.

We also wanted to do a very soft, sexy headshot. For that I used a Strip light horizontally and set it within a tunnel of fill. Bright card for bottom fill and side fill cards to brighten the face from all sides. I also used a ‘zebra’ umbrella for the hair light and kept the ratio 1:1 for most of the shots.

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