I am a huge Bill Evans fan. Have loved his music from the moment I first heard it. Magical changes, incredible technique, voicings that inspired… and a hot rhythm section that always kept pushing him along.

The first time I heard Bill Evans was late one night after a gig. One of the guys had been telling us about Evans for a while so we headed off to his place to listen. The great Scott LaFaro was playing bass on that album, and we must have listened to it a half dozen times before the sun came up. (Musicians are sort of like vampires… sleep all day and play all night.) The album was “Bill Evans Live at the Village Vanguard” and I still have my album, and the CD as well.

Sunday Jazz: Bill Evans.


Alec Soth has a fascinating exhibition and project he calls “Broken Manual”. It is about isolation and hermits. It is about discovery and hiding from it at the same time. The dichotomies are amazing, and the work is wonderful. Here are some links to this interesting and important project.

Alec Soth: Website Images, “Broken Manual”.

The book “Broken Manual” comes inside another old book, in a niche hand carved. A very creative and poignant way of ‘hiding’ the element itself.

A Public Broadcasting Interview with Alec Soth about the book and the project.

The gallery where the show took place. Some beautiful views of the venue.

An interview with Soth on what he hoped to accomplish and more information on the project.


I am quite fascinated by Mind Mapping – both the act and the technology behind it. This is a review of a cool app that may help you discover some ideas that are deep inside.

“Review: MindMaple — Generate Awesome Ideas with a Mind Map”

“Mind mapping has been around for a while, but is just now beginning to grab the attention of the disorganized and overwhelmed. It is a way to organize information in the form of a map. The map is usually created around one core idea or project, and then all of the other information builds off of that center through arrows and lines.”

Review Link.


“Artistry At Work: Form Following Function”

“This is the idea of artistic intent, and it is the heart and soul of purpose. It doesn’t rain down from the heavens, and no one grants us our purpose…it is chosen. Feeling that our work matters in the grand scheme of things can only come from believing our unique gifts can and will in some small way help those in need of what we do. It is here that our private art gets shared with others, and that private paths meet common ground.

Artistic intent is not a mission to be accomplished or goal to be achieved, but rather a point of departure, a genesis. It is separate and apart from the question of how to pursue a means of livelihood. To achieve business artistry, it is more important to decide what we are uniquely able to contribute than to pursue the question of specific profession or vocation.”

Read more here.


One more.

a story for tomorrow. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Next Sunday I will be coming to you from Zion National Monument.

Till then…

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