Sometimes I have an opportunity to discuss other topics than photography. These times are rare, of course, but they do exist.

I thought it may be fun to post some of the other things that are interesting to me on Sunday Mornings.

Welcome to Off Topic Sundays, an excursion into the unknown.

“… and darkness fell across the land…”

First off. I received an email from someone in the business asking me to help create a ‘day of darkness’ by blocking all my content from the people who are stealing us blind.

I have no interest in that sort of thing. Not because I have no interest in IP protection. I most assuredly do.

But going dark for a day means nothing. They simply wait out the day while we go to the corner and hold our breath until we… breathe again.

Symbolically simplistic and professionally silly.

And I wonder how many would participate? We can barely get 2% of the photographers to join a professional organization. CL is full of “I’ll shoot it for beans” photographers. And I know too many photographers who would simply take advantage of the other photographers heartfelt, but misguided moment of ultimate-pouting.

I won’t be going dark.

Cello Madness:

Blending the sublime sound of the cello with the rhythm of the beat box… heh. Clever and well done.

“Appropriating” or “Ripping Off?” – a sure to be interesting interview

What may surely become a very controversial interview is Chase Jarvis and the ReMix King on “mixing” and appropriating art. Don’t miss it.

There’s a saying that you should understand. It’s “TALENT IMITATES. GENIUS STEALS.”
Now before your undies get in a wad, I’m not saying steal work and pretend it’s you’re own. More deeply, I’m asking a question. Do you want to understand and set free your most creative work? Then pay attention here. And mark my words: the REMIX is the single most important artistic concept of our time [Go ahead and read that again. And read all the way to the bottom if you want to win a Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera…]

Interview on Tuesday, February 7.

APE has a wonderful piece: “Still Images In Great Advertising – Jeremy & Claire Weiss”. It is an interview with two very talented photographers. Check it out.

On Sales

“7 Pain Free Sales Tips for Creatives” is a short piece that sort of spells it out, folks. A good read.

Design Matters

For the more geeky among you all, here is a good post on Modal Windows (popups). No, they are not Gregorian Chants version of a popular OS, but rather a contextual way of creating popups that are more interesting to the website user.

Each Sunday I will present some music that I love here. A sort of mini-concert.

Jazz First:

Keith Jarrett “Over the Rainbow” (my personal favorite song)

Don Ellis delights with the great, classically inspired “Pussy Wiggle Stomp” Heh.

One of my favorite drummers, Steve Smith, and his band “Vital Information”

And a Classical moment as well…

A section of Aaron Copland’s wonderful Clarinet Concerto for Strings, Harp and Piano

“Mmmmm… Chimichangas…”

We had our first annual Lighting Essentias (Essentials for Photographers) Picnic and Funfest last weekend. To say we had a blast is a very sad understatement… we had more than a blast – we made new friends and exchanged ideas and ate a lot of Mexican food. Thanks to all who attended – and we had people from every corner of the country – and I look forward to next year’s glorious meetup.

Till next Sunday.

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