One Setup, Two Different Shots (from the Archives)

One Light, Two Shots in the Studio

Well this one is kind of fun. I found this in the archive box and remembered that it was a kinda fun little slide show. This “soundslide” offers a look into how I took a single lighting setup and shot it two ways.

I use a big softbox often when I am working with talent. Michelle is an ice skating choreographer and teacher. She needed some new shots and I wanted to do something a little different.

You can do the same thing with a large scrim and speedlights. Keep the fill cards in tight and watch the ratio between the lit and shadow parts of the face.

BTW, we have upgraded to WP 2.7 and man, is it cool. If you are running a WP Site and haven’t upgraded yet, you really should. It is, as they say, awesome.

But now let’s take a look at how a single setup can create two different shots can be made from the same light setup.

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Push the go button and adjust the speakers. That mellifluous tone is yours truly. Hey… I don’t want to hear it. But you do.

I think the SoundSlide Presentation pretty well shows everything you need. Watch for more multimedia coming down the pike here.

Here is the diagram for the lighting used.

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  1. Great info here! Almost like being at a workshop!

  2. Really terrific slideshow / tutorial…helpful both on the technical side as well as inspiring creativity with light and angles. As Matthew said, it’s like a mini-workshop. Thanks for offering your tips and experience. I don’t shoot for a living, so quick guidance like this is a real gift. More, please!

  3. The addition of the slideshow was very helpful for this tutorial / workshop session. Thanks for taking the time to set this up – we’d love to see more! (Oh, tech sheets are great too!)

  4. Great info and I love the videos they help alot. One question is where do you find the large v cards? I can only find small ones (3 foot).

  5. Great tutorial. I am running out tomorrow to find some v cards (I have everything else) and try this out.


  6. nice sit your
    thanks for supporting
    thank u very much u lurn me step by step wow
    really amaging site for me
    thanks a lot

  7. This works great. I set it up and got some great shots. For those of you looking for large V-Cards, do a google search for a local foam core supplier (most want to sell in bulk but you might find one). I found a pro video company and got them pretty cheap.