Bri takes us on a look at some of the images she did on the Mexico workshop. We all had a blast and Mexico was outrageously fun. We had lots of photographers and she shot with all of them.

Before we get to the Model Behavior article, I want to let everyone know that Houston is coming up very soon. We are almost full for Philadelphia but have room for one or two more. Cleveland/Akron will be our last workshop this year. We want to get going on getting next year’s workshop schedule down and will post a set of cities where we are looking for hosts.

Don’t forget that Briana is also answering your questions about modeling and working with photographers at this page. Leave a question and get an answer pretty quick.

Now, on to the Mexico workshop with Briana’s Model Behavior article.

I call this picture, “Dreaming of Greece.” I had new shoes and a new dress that I picked up in LA just for the Mexico trip. But there, by the pillars, with the ocean and beach my backdrop, I felt like I was on one of the many Islands that dot the Mediterranean Sea. I was as tall as the pillar… in my new butterfly shoes!! I love my shoes.

Owwwww… sometimes a model has to adapt and sometimes it just hurts!! The water was warm. Which was nice. The weather was cool. Which was nice. The bathing suit was Nicky’s. Which was nice. But the sand pebbles were sharp!! Which was not so nice. But I went with it… and the results speak for themselves.

Celebrity status in the mansion!! Yes, when I posed here I was in my favorite skirt and felt like a celebrity on a private beach enjoying the sun… the hot, hot sun.

Maxim shot? Or maximum amount of shots in little time? We only had a few minutes of sunset so we had to hurry to get this shot. Here I posed as quickly as possible as at least 4 photogs shot and shot and shot. Maximum Exposure with Maxim Posing.

This was my shot! Hehe. Well, it was Don’s shot. But it was my idea… honest. Natural light. Close-up. Lots of crazy hair. And shot in B&W. I think Don brought my vision to life… don’t you think so to?

Part of dance is creativity and expression. Now this form is not technically a form in ballet, yet it still embraces the essence of the art. The location and the moment were what allowed me to feel so inspired. A crowd of people gathered as I moved from pose to pose atop a set of stairs, raised above the audience. I love what the light and shadow does to the overall shot as well. But mainly, the bathing suit is Cristina’s, the capture is Evan’s, and the ocean is Mexico’s!!

For more of Briana’s “Model Behavior” simply check the tag cloud and click on Model Behavior.

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