Meet Hector Cruz: Emerging Pro

Meet Hector Cruz: Emerging Pro

Hector “Big Boy Drums” Cruz… I met him a few years ago on on of the Flickr forums we were both hanging out on. His sense of humor and humility was something that was refreshing.

He wanted to be a photographer, and was bound and determined to learn how. We bantered about stuff many times… and then we both sort of drifted away from that forum and on to other endeavors.

Recently I began seeing Hector’s work on Facebook and I was very excited to see how far he had come in a short time. While others are bitching and moaning Hector Cruz (“Big Boy Drums” were dropped a while ago, I am told… heh) is out there making photographs for clients all over the country.

He has recently moved to Nashville, and maintains a studio in Orange County as well.

I will let Hector share that with you in this interview. I had a blast chatting with him and I am making it a priority to sit down in person and have some Corona’s while chatting about photography and drums… my two favorite topics.

Hector Cruz: Photographer. (Website)

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  1. Love his work and remember him from Flickr well. Great stuff!

    • Wonderful work. The story is so cool as I can relate to how tough it is to keep going regardless of what is happening in your life. Definite style emerging.
      Eric Muetterties recently posted..Tomato or tomatoe ?My Profile

  2. Interesting work, and I enjoy these articles.

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    • And you did.

  5. Very nice work Hector!

  6. His images make me want to hear the stories behind them.

  7. Very interesting and inspiring, thanks Don!
    Eric Hodges recently posted..The Bee KeeperMy Profile