I have wanted to do this for a long time, and now that I am changing stuff up, it seems like a great time to hold our Lighting Essentials Appreciation Weekend.

What it is:
A weekend for us to have fun, make photographs, meet old friends and make new ones. There will be music, BBQ and some special small workshops with Photoshop Gurus, photographers, models and more.

When it is:
January 28, 29, 2012. Saturday and Sunday. Those who arrive early can join us Friday evening for dinner at a local Mexican Food restaurant. Saturday we will meet and begin our itinerary. Don’t worry, there are lots of things planned already – and if you want to just go and shoot, well that is fine as well.

Where it is:
My studio will serve as home base for us, and it is downtown Phoenix. I am working on getting more info on hotels in the area.
Phoenix, Arizona.

Who is invited:
Project 52 members, and Lighting Essentials alumni. If you are a participant in Project 52, or an alumni of any of the Lighting Essentials Workshops, please consider coming on down.

What it costs:
Nada. None. Zip. Free.
There will be a small fee for food/refreshments, but that will depend on how many folks are coming.
(I will encourage those who want to shoot models to be able to kick into a pot for paying them. More info when we know how many of you will be coming and wanting to shoot models.)

Part Workshop, Part Party, Full on Fun.

If you are interested, I would encourage you to send me an email as soon as possible. I have no idea how many will be interested in this event, but if it is too many, I may have to cut it off. I hope that I can accomodate as many as possible, but there is a limit to the studio capacity.

We will have hotel information for you very soon after getting 12 folks who want to come.

IMPORTANT: USE THE SUBJECT LINE “HEY DUDE, I am coming on down” – that is very important. Also send phone number.
Remind me what workshop you took, or whether you are involved in Project 52.

Thanks for following, stay tuned for more info on the whacky One-On-One contest.

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