Lighting Diagram Tool for Lighting Essentials

This cool tool created by: NGUYEN DINH Quoc-Huy – visit his site. You will find a link at the bottom of the diagram tool.

Simply choose the tool you need, rotate it to create the lighting scheme you want to share and save it as a jpeg.

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I am in love with light.

Also known as Don Giannatti, photography has been the focus of my life for most of my adult years. I have written three books for Amherst Media (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble: keyword 'don giannatti'. Lighting Essentials is my flagship blog and ezine with a slightly different slant than most photography related blogs. If you are interested in becoming a better photographer, check out Thanks for visiting.


  1. Great tool Don.

  2. this is awesome…been looking for something that will allow my students to prevision their setups!

  3. psst. theres a ‘C’ missing in the word ‘object’
    “Select an image set and objet to add”
    I love your website and read every story posted but I never commented mainly because I was always out of words and a complete amateur in photography

  4. Very useful tool for keeping track of lighting setups. Link the setup jpeg to the image file and you will always have a handy reference.

  5. Is it me or is anyone else not getting this to work for them………..

    I choose background, then I select backdrop, but as soon as I select it, it pops back to
    select an item and nothing shows in the box.


  6. Hi Nick,
    Contact QH and tell him what browser and what the issue is.

    It is working on mine: FF, Safari PC / FF. Safari Mac.

    Hope you can get it to work for you.


  7. No gobos! :)

  8. Great tool for my students. Thank you very much. Great effort

  9. This is amazing. This is what I REALLY needed. Going to use this during my next lighting test session this weekend. Thanks. I will pass it on.

  10. A tool of great utility. thanks really for sharing.

  11. to create a user new account , the web page dosent work..!!!????
    anybody can say me what can i do..????


  12. Can you provide better simple step by step instructions for using your diagram tool. I am 69 years old and do not understand very well how to use this computer. Thank you. Carl Eggers

    • Hi Carl.
      Just choose the lighting tool you want to diagram with, drag it into position and click. You can click it again and rotate it or move it again. That’s it, really. Keep choosing the ones you want till you have the diagram where you want it, and then save it as a jpeg for your files.

  13. Super teaching tool. Should be useful in helping understand short and broad lighting, key and fill light, etc. Thanks!

  14. Holy cow this is so helpful! I was trying to draw this by hand for my shoot this weekend with a model. Awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. There’s also an App for the iPhone that does this I think it’s called Strobox

  16. Thanks to share the tool about Lighting Essentials.
    Very useful and cool.


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