I have promised myself that I will get out and shoot more for myself this year. These “improvs” are part of the process. I limit myself to one subject and one hour. And the subjects can range over whatever happens to be near me or catch my eye.

This time it was pods I picked up while walking the dogs on Friday afternoon.

I used only speedlights for this set of images as I was curious as to how much I could do with them in an hour. The bigger guns can take more time, and I thought it would be pretty cool to work with some small strobes and modifiers.

I used the SpeedlightProKit grids and the small SpeedlightProKit softbox for these shots. One boom (LumoPro) and three stands rounded out my gear. Err… along with the three speedlights, that is.

One hour from beginning to shoot till wrapping it up.

Here is what I got.

A little video showing my setup/

Let us know if you are doing any improvs and share the links.

See ya next time.

Creative LIVE, April 5, 6, 7, 2012

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