Hi everyone.

We are here at the entrance to Zion National Park in the small town of Springdale. This is where the “Winner Gets Me” contest winner lives and where we are doing her one-on-one workshop for the weekend.

She invited Megan from Phoenix to come up and do the workshop, and that is cool as Megan and I are great friends.

So here we are… surrounded by incredibly majestic mountains with such a scale that ‘impressive’ just doesn’t do them justice. These giant monolithic rocks defy description. If you haven’t seen them and the whole southern part of Utah, you should put it on your agenda.

I found the mountains very difficult to shoot. The depth of the shadows in this bright, clear sun, is 3+ stops… so bright walls and deep shadows. I think I may have gotten a few interesting ‘vacation’ shots to share at some point, but no real keepers.

Mountain in Zion National Park

I am not a natural landscape shooter, and found the scale of these majestic rock monoliths to be somewhat difficult to capture.

Regina’s studio is wonderfully compact. She has set up two small bays, but has enough area to do full length (although on a 50mm – maybe a 60mm), and plenty of room for portraits and small set shots.

Yesterday was spent working in the studio with several wonderfully talented local models, and today we will be doing more of the same – with an emphasis on gridded and dramatic light.

I will let Regina share her thoughts and images when she is ready – although at this point she has enough images to keep her busy editing for a month or so.

I head back to Phoenix tomorrow morning – through the park, along the Vermillion Cliffs, and down across the Navajo reservation into Flagstaff.

Hoping to get some images along the way (did get a few on the way up, but light was not the best… heh).

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