Try these for a real boost to your client list

  1. SEO. Yes, SEO.
    It is so very important these days. I know we keep hearing that SEO is dead, but that is really just BS. It is alive and kicking. If you are unable to do it well, hire someone who can. I found a few very good companies on You can also find a few great ones on Fiverr – although the good ones are not $5 anymore. Not expensive, but expect to spend about $2-300 bucks for a good initial go through of your current site and some solid information. Follow all of the info you get. Then measure the results.
  2. Ask all of your current clients for referrals.
    Just ask. Who do they know who could possibly use your services? Do it as an email if you wish (and be sure to track it to see if it was opened. Hubspot has a free tool that will help you there. You may be pleasantly suprised how many will indeed have a name or two for you. And now you have a reference when you call, ,”Hi Bob, Larry Smith told me I should give you a call about some product photography you may need.”
  3. Print a short run of about 30 promo pieces (8.5×11 with two images on it.
    Find an industrial park and go to each and every company there dropping off the promo piece in person. Make sure you have a tablet with you in case someone wants to see your work right then… it happens. No, it’s not efficient, but it is face to face. Do it. You meet people, and get your butt out of the office for a few hours. I use Over Night Prints with great results.
  4. Create your “3 Contacts Per Day” system
    … by using cold calling (to get contact information), email to send a promo, and direct mail when appropriate. 3 times per day – won’t take more than five minutes. NO EXCUSES. This system, if you practice it steadily for a month or two will produce results. It is a big part of the FPCN system because IT WORKS.
  5. Start a personal project that gets you out into the real world and doing photography.
    Shoot all the baristas in coffee shops in your town or area
    Photograph the food trucks in your town.
    Find veterans of WWII and photograph them – and let the media know you are doing it
    Have a truck stop in your town? How about drivers and their rigs?

The point is to get out there and expose yourself as a photographer (see what I did there). When you ARE a photographer in people’s minds, they tend to refer to you for photography. It may be the “process of attraction”, or “karma”, or just that you are DOING not just talking… but whatever it is, it works great.

Try these ideas… you will see a difference for sure.


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