This is for today’s date: Thursday, July 29, 2010. It will not be archived unless I decide to, you know, archive it… we’ll see.

We are going to try a little something different.

Recently we have discussed pricing and the perils of “shooting for free” and the perils of ‘not’ shooting for love. We have looked at branding and what it can mean for photographers on the way up. And yesterday’s post at Photoshelter on Social Media’s and why it may not be working is top of mind for a lot of photographers.

These are topics I want to discuss with a few of you in a more personal way. So we are going to try this as an experiment. I see some synergy in the topics.

Below is the Embed of my site. I will be on from 7PM to 8PM (pacific) to discuss these topics. I have chosen this form as the first experiment at it. There is a chat window below, and we will discuss this as best we can. If it doesn’t work, well… we gave it a shot.

Personally I am not into podcasts, I am way to visual for that. I wish there was a multiple audio stream way to do it… but I also think that could be terribly noisy. So we will see how this works.

7 Reasons Why Social Media Aint Working for Your Photography Business
What is the Difference Between Shooting for Free and Shooting for Me?

See you on Thursday, July 29, 2010, 7PM (Pacific)

Sorry everyone. Seems like the was a bigass #FAIL. It didn’t work. Very frustrating, but I guess that is why it is free. Ahhhhhh the economy of free. Also means the economy of ‘we don’t give a shit if it works.” We may try it again sometime. I will get a go-to-meeting account if that is the best way to do it.


Learn to Light is my site for the workshops, and you can follow me on Twitter if you like. I am planning on getting some new dates for the end of the year, and we are also going to do some different approaches to the workshops to change them up.

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