I have finally put the finishing touches on the Training Series I have been working on:

“How To Find and Keep Commercial Photography Clients” has been a long time coming. I have been working on it for about 4 years now. Not the system – I have always used the system – but in the organization of it into a cogent, and easy to follow course for commercial photographers to follow.

One of the most asked questions I get as an educator and a mentor is “where do I find clients for my commercial work?” Without any sort of access to the industry it can be quite complex. The old inroads have changed. Now we have to be more nimble, more innovative, and more organized.

This system does that for/with you.

No Secrets. No Tricks. No Easy Button. No Quick Success. All of that is pure crap – and you KNOW it is.

This is a system that can work for a photographer in almost any area or region. It is methodical and measurable.

The initial training is FREE. No charge. Nada damn penny.

And while a premium will be offered at the end of the training, there is absolutely no selling going on in the video training across the four modules.

This is real, actionable training you can use starting today. You can begin building your system immediately.

Sign up for the training at this page: FindPhotoClientsNOW.com and you will receive the first module link in the email that comes to you immediately. One email per week will follow with a module per week. The fifth email will be a wrap-up with an offer to continue on to the premium part of the training. (Did I mention there is no cost? I did… sorry.)

Even if you do not continue, you will have a good base system that you can TAKE ACTION and find the clients you need – and who need you.

SPECIAL NOTE: THIS TRAINING IS FOR COMMERCIAL/EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, NOT CONSUMER PHOTOGRAPHERS. (If you shoot weddings, babies, seniors etc… this is NOT the system for you.)

So if you are interested in jumpstarting your commercial photography business, or ready to finally formalize a way to find clients for your fledgling business, take a look at the free training and get started today.

How To Find and Keep Commercial Photography Clients is live today (November 2) and the premium class begins December 1. (Enroll before November 15 and save $100 off the class price.) More coming on this special offer.


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