We are really having a blast with Project 52 – “52 weeks to go pro” and I need to share a few of the images from a few weeks projects.

If you aren’t participating, you should be. Whether or not you go pro, or want to, it is a mind-sharpening, skill enhancing opportunity to become involved, motivated and engaged in the art of commercial photography.

Last week’s assignment was “Hot” and this week it is a product shot with a bit of a twist. Oh, and there is a layout to shoot to as well.

Some news to share. This afternoon the galleys for my book came in. Typeset, with images in position and everything. I have only every self-published so I am very excited. A big thanks to Amherst Media for giving me a chance to do the book. I understand they go on pre-order at Amazon in August.

BTW, a big shout out to the art department there. Nice job, folks. Nice indeed.

I hope you all like the new layout. I trimmed up the sidebar to have it be way smaller and less obtrusive. I need to make it clear that there are so many more posts here than the first one. Check the Archives out… hundreds of posts.

Now – let’s take a look at some excellent shots from the Project 52 participants.

From the Assignment “Let’s Pour a Beer”:
Project 52 Assignment page is here along with the audio critique of the images.

Eric showed us how lite Corona Lite really is:
04.08.11 Corona Lite Beer Pour-51-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg

This shot by Ray SC really nails the nuanced lighting on the pouring beverage.
Pour 2

Zaphgod shows us the refreshing Cola pour shot.
Pour Shot #2: Coca Cola

Nice splash by silliopolous.

Robb Albrecht delivers a nice pour shot.
LE52weeks #13

Charles Howard makes us kinda thirsty, ya know.

From an assignment on shooting for a Pharmaceutical company that makes something that lets people eat whatever they want:
(note: layout supplied for the assignment.)
Project 52 Assignment page is here with audio critique of the images.

Indianabond did this lovely food shot – and the product shot as well.
Lighting Essentials - Assignment 14

GreyGirl came up with this lovely shot.

Lightwork took us back to a special place.

Fenwickartphoto laid out quite a spread.

Charles Howard presented a retro look complete with go-go boots:

As always with these kinds of posts, it is wonderful for me to be able to link out to the photographers images on their Flickr site. Clicking on any image will take you to the photographers page where you can leave a comment.

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