One of the most exciting and ultimately satisfying things I am doing is the 8 Week Workshop courses. We mostly focus on portraits, but are beginning to expand out with an upcoming Still Life Workshop as well. And more ideas are in the works.

This last week, we studied the work of Sara Moon. Moon is a fashion photographer best known for her intimate, nearly painterly like fashion imagery. And while most of the students do not seek a career in fashion, there is much to be learned from studying her work and being inspired by it.

I want to share with you a few of my favorites, as well as the entire classes work.

Cover image: Thomas Poehler



Photographer: Thomas Poehler

The mix of incredible natural light, gesture and a composition that keeps our subject anonymous makes this portrait outstanding. Nearly monochromatic, the bright red lipstick puts a sensual touch on the portrait of someone we do not recognize, but long to know.

Richard_Skoonberg_Moon (2)

Photographer: Richard Skoonberg

Ahh, the mystique and romance of Polaroid. The look is unmistakable and it brings back heady memories from a sadly bygone era. Working only with window light, Richard catches the subject seemingly unaware, giving us a glimpse into a private moment.


Photographer: Jeff Weeks

Jeff adds mystery and a dash of intrigue to this portrait with his use of a long shutter speed. Motion sweeps the image into a sort of mystical painting of light and shadow, while the smallest points of focus bring us the reality of a young girl in a quiet moment. With wind, of course.


Photographer: Iryna Ishchenko

With a color pallet reminiscent of highly pushed Ektachrome, this portrait brings mood, gesture and location together to create a short story of romance and art. Almost painterly, the colors are both muted and strong. A unique portrait.


Photographer: Fredrick Reblewski 

Dark, moody, and with a fantastic gesture, Reblewski captures a portrait that is both sensual, and confident. The feeling is that of an older time, with a single soft box over top, and judicious use of fill, the portrait is outstanding.

All of the portraits this week were outstanding. I hope you enjoy the work of these wonderful photographers.


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